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Issue #003, September 5, 2008


Mark Hollingsworth here. Hope you are having a great week.

A Biblical sermon is not just an essay or lecture where one meanders through a number of verses making comments, no matter how truthful these remarks are. It is the exposition of a Biblical passage and arranged into definite form.

It is the exposition of a Biblical passage that is organized and shaped into a Bible sermon which flows from beginning to end with a spiritual purpose and goal in mind.

Expository sermons are the product of exegesis (an explanation or critical interpretation), but they are in no sense just its exhibition. Make the exegetical part of the sermon brief and to the point. Do not let the interpretation spin out into too much wordiness. Put it as compactly as clearness will permit.

Breed quoted Sewall as saying, "Exegesis is not the ultimate aim of the sermon; it is simply the instrument which we use to dig out the truth on which we intend to preach. When the truth is dug out, then preach. It is folly to keep on digging. Many a good sermon has been spoiled by too much exegesis."

Yes, I believe that the best type of sermons to preach are expository sermons, but they don't have to be verse by verse boredom type of sermons. If we do it right, they can be personalized passage power type of sermons for us and everyone who hears us. Let's do it right for the sake of ourselves and our listeners.

What is an Example of this type of sermon?

Sermon Notes:

The Believer's Walk

by William Evans

Colossians 1:9-12

Explain the believer's walk.

I. The Nature of the Walk.

  • A. Worthy of the Lord (v.10).
  • B. According to the revealed will of God (v.9).

II. The Motive of the Walk.

  • A. To do right (worthy) (v.10a).
  • B. To please the Lord (v.10b).

III. The Means of the Walk.

  • A. Faith in Christ--the beginning (v.4).
  • B. Prayer--continued by (v.9).

  • C. The Word of God--source of knowledge of God's will (v.9).

  • D. The indwelling Spirit of God (v.4)

IV. The Results of the Walk.

  • A. Well-pleasing to God (v.10).
  • B. Fruitful in every good work (v.10).

  • C. An increasing knowledge of God (v.10).

  • D. Spiritual graces: patience, long-suffering, joy, thankfulness (vv.11-12).

  • E. An inheritance with the saints in light (v.12).

God wants us to walk worthy. How are you doing? Do you see the results?

What's New at

I just recently added some material at on the various types of sermons and we will soon add more. What type of sermons do you preach? We explain the various types of sermons on our website with examples. Take a look.

Also on our website we have a survey that asks what type of sermon you preach the most.

Go to my website and take the survey. When you do, you can see the results from the participating preachers who have already taken the survey. You might be surprised at the results.

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