Christian Leadership Must-Have Positive Character Traits

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Christian leadership must have positive character traits or it is not real Christian leadership. A Preacher's character counts in determining the quality of leadership.

This is important because the minister must first be a good Christian before he can be a good Preacher. If he is not a good Christian it is impossible for him to be a good ministry leader.

"Practice what you preach" is still an appropriate quality for me and all Christian ministers. We can say that we don't care what people think, but if we say that too often we won't have anyone to minister to. That sort of defeats the purpose of being in the ministry, don't you think?

There are several areas that we need to work on to live our life with Christian character. We should have a higher hope for our lives and the lives of our followers, than the world has for their followers.


We need to live our lives by Biblical principles that transcend every situation. In other words, we don't live and lead by way of situation ethics but by the never changing principles of the Word of God. That will make us leaders with true Christian character. More on living by Biblical principles later.


Christian leadership must have integrity. There must be a moral soundness in every area of our lives. That doesn't mean the preacher doesn't make mistakes. We do. We will. It doesn't mean we are perfect. We are not. We will not be. But it does mean we admit our weaknesses and continually seek to live a life that is above reproach.

Once again, it doesn't mean we are perfect, but it does mean we seek to make everything in our lives right before God and man. Don't seek to make it just look right before God and man. Seek to make it genuinely right before God and man. Start with making things right before God, and He will help you make things right before man. More on integrity later.


Another part of Christian character is making sure our motives are right before God and man. What we do is important but why we do it is more important to God. In fact, He said He would even judge our motives. He looks at the thoughts and intents of our heart.

We must ask ourselves why we do what we do. We must ask ourselves why we are in the ministry in the first place. It makes a difference. More on motives later.


Our credibility is important in the ministry as well. Our credibility, to a large part, determines if anyone will follow our leadership or not. There are three kinds of credibility. There is conceded credibility, cultivated credibility, and then there is coerced credibility. More on credibility later.


We will leave a legacy whether good or bad. Our job as ministers is to leave a legacy of real Christian leadership that emulates Christ and points people to Christ, the Master Leader. What spiritual legacy will you leave behind? More on our spiritual legacy later.

Character is the inherent complex of attributes that determine a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions. It is important for the Christian to have good character. It is very important for the minister to have good character.

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