Sermon Illustrations Personalize Biblical Truth

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Sermon illustrations come in all shapes and sizes these days. It used to be that the only way one would illustrate a sermon would be to tell a story about something that happened to you or someone else that helped the hearers understand better the Biblical truth that was being explained.

It seems that preachers are now allowed to be more creative in personalizing Biblical truth in their sermons. We live in a visual age and the use of visual illustrations helps many people better apply the truth to their own lives.

What are the various ways that a preacher can help explain the Biblical truth or help drive home a point in the sermon?


This is the most common type of illustration and in preacher terminology they are called "illustrations" rather than stories. In reality, however, we can illustrate in various ways.

This traditional form is simply telling a story that applies to the truth being preached. It may be something that happened to you or to someone else.More on Sermon Stories here, where you can get many Free Sermon Illustrations.

And you can even share your sermon illustrations here and see the illustrations that other preachers have submitted.


Quotes are simply the sayings of others. The more well known the "others" are the better the quotes. More on quotes later.


Jokes, of course, are humorous stories usually with a punch line. These can be very effective and helpful, especially when the subject is serious and needs some comic relief. More on jokes later.


Poems are compositions in verse rather than in prose that describe something. Good sermons used to be described as having three points and a poem. More on Poems here, where you can get many Free poetic illustrations.

And you can even share Your Poems here and see the verses that other preachers have submitted.

Visual Aids

Visual Aids are props or physical objects that you show your hearers to illustrate your point. They can be very effective. More on visual aids later.


Dramas or skits can illustrate the point of a sermon beautifully. Many preachers are using drama today to help illustrate the sermon. More on dramas later.

Audio Clips

Audio clips or sound bites can be used effectively to illustrate as well. You might use a sound bite from a movie or an audio quote from another sermon. There are many ideas. More on audio clips later.

Video Clips

Video clips have become very popular because of YouTube and GodTube. Video clips of movies or skits or interviews give us both the audio and video effect for illustration purposes. More on video clips later.


This is using Microsoft PowerPoint or its equivalent to present your sermon outline and/or scripture on a screen with a video projector. The overhead projector is becoming obsolete because of this technology. More on PowerPoints later.


Pictures can be used with the PowerPoint presentation to help get a point across or by themselves with captions and explanations. Remember the quote...a picture is worth a thousand words? More on using pictures later.

There are probably other sermon illustration methods that I haven't mentioned, but any method that helps your hearers "get it" will be appreciated by them.



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