Christian Work Is the Greatest Work I've Ever Hated To Love

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Christian work is the greatest work I've ever hated to love and that is because it involves much more than just preaching. It involves relationships with people who, unfortunately, don't always appreciate their preacher for his ministry to them.

At least they don't know how to show their appreciation for all that he does.

And if the minister is doing the Christian ministry work correctly, then he's doing a lot. He is the CEO of his church or ministry organization.

He is not just responsible for his own spiritual well being, but he is also responsible for the spiritual well being of his family, his ministry team and the people he ministers to.

WOW...spell that backwards!

First of all let me say that Christian work is a great ministry in which to be involved. It is a privilege to be called by God to the gospel ministry, but that doesn't mean it is easy.

There is a tremendous amount of work to be done and sometimes it's downright difficult and dirty (You have to get your hands dirty at times...literally and figuratively.).

So how do you get it all done?

Set priorities. There is so much to do you must set your priorities for you time, for you talents, and for your treasure. If you don't decide who or what will get your time, talents, and treasure, somebody or something else will decide for you.

Also, if you don't have priorities, you will come to the end of the day having accomplished nothing worthwhile.

What are your priorities? Write them out. Make to-do lists. It's the only way to remember and to prioritize.

The dullest pencil remembers better than the sharpest mind. Today, of course, we would say that the dullest stylus remembers better than the sharpest mind!

The point is, write everything down or get one of those small tape recorders for giving yourself reminders. Some cell phones can do that now. Most cell phones have to-to lists and calendars.

Be practical. The fact is, you will never get it all done, but you can get done what you are supposed to get done each day. If you have proper priorities and have worked as hard as you can, then you should be pleased.

Unfortunately, there is way more ministry than minister, and both will be there tomorrow if you are practical and prioritized.

The best potential for the ministry goes to those who plan, prioritize, and who are practical. But it's easy to do that for a week and then get lazy or quit. So, there's more.

Be faithful. Not everyone has great ability, but everyone can be faithful to the Christian work God has called us to. There are some awesome promises in the Bible for those who are faithful. There are even prizes now and at the end of the job! So be faithful to the end. It's worth it. is a comprehensive virtual ministers manual or workbook. It is all about the messenger, the message, and the ministry.

This section is all about THE MINISTRY:

Ministry styles.
Ministry positions.
Ministry purposes.
Ministry planning.
Ministry education.
Ministry personnel (staff).
Ministry people.
Ministry appreciation.
Ministry servant leadership.
Ministry projects.
Ministry publishing.
Ministry jobs.
Ministry library.

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