Christian Ministry Jobs

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Christian ministry jobs vary greatly. A job description of the major preaching ministries will help one determine his direction in ministry. Later I will mention some staff positions that support the lead positions.

But for now, what are some of the major lead positions?

The pastor is the leader and shepherd of a local church. If the church is large enough there may be several associate pastors and in that case the lead pastor is generally called the senior pastor. More about the pastor and his responsibilities later.

The evangelist in the Bible was probably a missionary as we know them today. But we have somehow divided their tasks into two fields of ministry.

The evangelist is an itinerate preacher who ministers to many churches by preaching evangelistic messages to the lost. He also preaches messages that encourage Christian living and evangelism to the believers. More on the evangelist and his responsibilities later.

The teacher may or may not be a position in and of itself, depending on the ministy in which one is involved. More on the teacher and his responsibilities later.

The missionary is one who goes as a minister to the mission field. That mission field may be local (in one's own country) or foreign (in a country other than one's own). More on the missionary and his responsibility later.

The chaplain is a minister who ministers to a specialty group of people. The chaplain ministry is used by the military, by hospitals, and by some businesses. More about the chaplain and his responsibilities later.

Rescue Mission Director
The Rescue Mission director is a minister who leads the ministry to the poor and homeless in his area. More on the Mission Director and his responsibilities later.

Christian Counselor
The Christian Counselor is the minister who has a Christian ministry job providing Christian counseling to those who need spiritual and emotional and various other kinds of help.

He may set up his ministry in the church or outside of the church. More on the Christian Counselor and his responsibilities later.

Camp or Conference Director
The camp or conference director is the minister who directs the activities at a Christian camp ground or Christian conference center where camps and retreats and conferences and meetings occur. More on the Camp Director and his responsibilities later.

Ministry Director
The ministry director is the minister who heads up a ministry that is not attached to the local church but still ministers to churches directly or indirectly.

The director leads this ministry and may have started it. More on the Para church ministry director and his responsibilities later.

Pulpit Supply Ministry
The Pulpit Supply Ministry can be done by part-time preachers or retired preachers. It can also be done by preachers who direct ministries that allow the director or preacher to be off on weekends.

This is simply the ministry of filling the pulpit for preachers who are out of town or sick. More on pulpit supply later.

Interim Pastor or Director
The Interim Pastor takes over the pastoral role of a church or ministry when they are without a senior leader. While the church or ministry is looking to permanently fill that spot, the interim pastor or leader takes over. More on the Interim Pastor or Leader later.

Bi-vocational Minister
This is the preacher who pastors or directs a ministry that cannot or does not, for some reason, pay him a fulltime salary. This leader agrees to work a secular job like the Apostle Paul did making tents, and also lead the church or ministry. More on the Bi-vocational Minister later.

The Lay Minister is basically one who feels called to minister but does not necessarily feel called to the ministry. They usually minister through the local church, but continue to work in a secular job or vocation.

The lay minister usually does not feel the call to go into full-time paid ministry. More on the lay minister later.

Ministry Promotion
This is not a ministry position, but since I am talking about Christian ministry jobs, how does the minister get promoted? It's a good question and the answer varies depending on the ministry. More on ministry promotion later.

As you can see there are many lead ministry positions in the Christian ministry and I am sure we have not covered them all because there are specialty jobs in various denominations that don't transcend all of the Christian ministry.

But hopefully as you read through the various fields you can get some information and direction for your Christian ministry job.

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