Ministry Teams Are Essential to the Ministry

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Ministry teams definitely vary in size and type, but they are essential to the success of any ministry. This team is the support staff, the ministry family in the background that makes the public preaching ministry work well.

The best staff is the one that knows what the ministry vision is and works toward that goal. Of course it helps to have a leader that casts the vision for the ministry and unwaveringly leads the team to the goal line.

It's like a determined quarterback on a football team who leads his team to the championship. There may be ups and downs, wins and losses, but both wins and losses make for excellent lessons that help them to and through the playoffs and to a successful championship.

And yes, the more public players or figures get most of the glory, the quarterback for sure and maybe a few receivers and running backs. But they would never have been in a position to get glory had it not been for the whole team doing the job together.

That is why servant leadership is the best model for leading. I'll talk more about that later but now I want to talk about the team, the ministry team.

Who makes up the ministry team? Of course, the answer to that is based on the kind of team it is, because some teams have specialized jobs to accomplish specialized ministries.

However, there are certain staff positions that are needed in most every ministry that I know of (especially in church ministries and depending on size) and we will confine ourselves predominately to these.

Personal Secretary

A good secretary is worth her weight in gold. I have had many preachers tell me that if they could only hire one staff member, it would be a personal secretary. And I agree.

The reason I agree is because I have been in ministry with a secretary and without a secretary and believe me, it's much more fun and much more productive with one.

It's more fun because you can get the sense of teamwork and your secretary can do the things she was trained to do and likes to do and you can do the things you were trained to do and like to do. It's more productive because the work is shared and focused.

The secretary can do the screening of phone calls and the typing and sending of letters and take care of the mail. She can do the PowerPoint and the handout and the bulletin or newsletter. She can do all of this so you can concentrate on the people ministry and the preaching.

It's not that her role is less important; it's just that it's in the background and is much of the foundation work for the public ministry done by the preacher. Listen preachers, it is our job to uplift the secretary and her job and make her feel like it is equal to the public preaching ministry.

If you want good help, you must give good praise to the help and make them feel part of the ministry. More on the Personal Secretary later.

Financial Secretary or Business Manager

The financial secretary or business manager handles the ministry's money. They would take care of the receipts and the disbursements as well as the payroll.

This, of course, is something better not done by the preacher. And even with a financial secretary or business manager, it is a job that should be overseen by or accountable to the board of the ministry.

This is a valuable ministry team member and must be someone who has character and integrity but not stingy and territorial. More on the Financial Secretary or Business Manager later.

Associates or Assistants

Most ministries, if large enough, need some associates or assistants to head branches of the ministry that no longer can be handled properly by the senior leader. This minister would be responsible to the senior preacher or leader and report to him.

In the church ministry this could be the Youth Pastor or Children's Pastor or Singles Pastor or Couples Pastor or Senior Saints Pastor or the Music Minister or Worship Pastor or the Family Life Pastor or the Education Pastor or the Missions Pastor or the Executive Pastor or the Outreach Pastor.

In other ministries it could be the Assistant in charge of donations and capital giving. It could be the Associate in charge of publications or advertising or seminars or conferences or counseling or speaking.

It could be a coordinator of ministries or a director of a specific ministry within the overall ministry. More on the Associate or Assistant later.

Janitorial, Maintenance, and Grounds

This is a team position that is needed if the ministry has a facility of its own. And even then, it may be hired out by professional service companies that specialize in this area.

Sometimes, however, it is advantageous to hire someone as part of the ministry team to take care of this vital area and make it their ministry. They would be responsible for cleaning and upkeep and beautifying the facility for a testimony of excellence to the community that is served by the ministry. More on janitorial, maintenance, and grounds ministry later.

What a difference a well oiled, hard working, focused ministry team makes to the success of the ministry vision and goals. And what an enjoyment and blessing it is to work with a ministry team to further the Kingdom of God and do His will in the preaching ministry.

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