Are you Redeeming the Time?

by Dominic Fede

Eph. 5:16

16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Context :
• Here we have the Apostle Paul writing to the Ephesians
• While Paul was in Prison in Rome
• He wrote this letter and other letters at the same time
• The Letter Philippians, Colossians and Philemon
• This letter was not written because of any bad doctrines
• Or any Problems
• It was sent to encourage the believers in the Lord
• Make them strong in the ways of the Lord
• Paul had spent over 3 years with the Ephesians
• And he was very close to them
• And he writes them this letter
• In this chapter we see Paul Encourages the church
• To be followers of Christ
• Stay away from certain sins
• Be a good example
• And redeem the time

What I want to talk about this morning is:

1. What is the Apostle Paul Saying here ? 2 Things
2. What is time
3. Time is Valuable to the Bible
4. Time was important to Jesus to while on earth
5. How did Jesus have the time to do everything he need to do ?
6. Why did Paul say these words ?
7. How cam we Redeem the time here on earth ?
8. Where do Christians Waste there time ?

1. What is the Apostle Paul Saying here ? 2 Things
a. Redeeming the time
b. Because the days are evil
c. Very Simple words
d. Straight to the point
e. What is Paul Saying Here
f. Manage your time has a Christian
g. Be Quick to preach the Gospel
h. Be Quick to be an Example
i. Be Quick to show people Christ
j. Because it will be much Harder in the future
k. Paul is saying here that we must not waste time has Christians
l. Because Evil is getting worse
m. There will be a time
n. Where it will be hard to talk about Jesus
o. The time has arrived in our Generation in Australia
p. In our Schools its not easy to talk about Jesus
q. In Government its not easy to talk about Jesus
r. The Bible use to be the best book respected more than other books
s. Now it is the Koran
t. Because the Muslims are not wasting there time
u. The Devil is not waiting his time
v. Because he knows his time is near
w. We should do the same not waste our time before the Lord

2. What is time
a. Time is a gift given by God
b. Once we waste it you can’t get it back
c. Time was created by God before the fall
d. Time was perfect
e. Not like it is today
f. Time was not important when God created it
g. But time Became important when Adam and Eve Sinned
h. Because of sin and death
i. Time is valuable to us
j. Time is Valuable to God
k. There is time for everything Ecc 3:1-8

3. Time is Valuable to the Bible
a. There are lot of verses about time
b. Moses tells us that we need to number our Days Psalm 90:12
c. Matthew 24:42 tells us to keep watch we don’t know when the master will return

4. Time was important to Jesus while on earth
a. Jesus managed his time quite well
b. Jesus had time for prayer
c. Jesus had time for People
d. Jesus had time for his disciples
e. Jesus had time teach
f. Jesus had time to accomplish everything he needed to do
g. In the bible we never hear Jesus saying I don’t have time.
h. He had time for everything he need to do.

5. How did Jesus have the time to do everything he need to do ?
a. He Always Prayed to the father asking him what to do
b. The more you pray the more time you have
c. The less time you Pray the less time you have
d. Remember God never gives us a burden you cant handle
e. Its us that over load ourselves with so many things to do
f. Because we don’t ask permission to the father first
g. I have been guilty of this crime
h. Do you ask permission to God before you something?
i. Jesus did
j. God planed everything for Jesus
k. All Jesus had to do was to obey the father
l. I know you are thinking this is ridiculous
m. But think about for a moment
n. Its true God knows our Frame the bible says
o. We don’t know ourselves at times
p.And we get burdened and get old quickly because of no time
q.That’s why the bible says seek ye first the kingdom

6. Why did Paul say these words ?
a. So that we don’t waste our time
b. To get us thinking
c. The Bible tells us in Joshua 1:8 To meditate day night
d. What is meditation ? Its thinking
e. To make us remember that time is precious
f. And we don’t have much time left
g. And that there is a lot of work to do in this world
h. The bible says work is plenty
i. But There is not much workers to do it
j. To Show what going happen in the future
k. So that we don’t bring dishonor to our Lord Jesus

7. How cam we Redeem the time here on earth ?
a. By Praying ?
i. Prayer is never a waste time
ii. If Jesus prayed we should pray
iii. Why is it not waste of time ?
iv. Because it is talking to God
v. We will talking to God in heaven
vi. We better get use to it here on earth

b. By Reading Gods word is not waste of time
i. Why is it not waste of time read the bible ?
ii. Because the bible says in Matthew 24:35
iii.Heaven and earth will pass away but my word will never
iv. So read your bible
v. Because Words are in heaven
vi. Anyone hates reading the bible
vii. Will not like staying in heaven
viii. Heaven are for those who love Gods word.

c. Preaching the Gospel is not a waste of time
i. You want to know why preaching Gods word is not waste
ii. Because if you preach and someone repents
iii. There is Great Joy in heaven
iv. And you will see that person in heaven

d. Doing good is not a waste of time
i. You know why its not a waste ?
ii. You get rewarded for it in heaven
iii. The more you do things for Jesus
iv. The more rewards you will Receive from God
v. We will be doing god in heaven

e. Obeying God is not a waste of time
i. Because the more you obey God
ii. You will be called the great in the Kingdom Matthew 5:19

f. Praising God is not a waste of time
i.You know why its not waste of time ?
ii. Because God loves praise
iii.And we will be praising God in heaven
iv. Praise will be part of our duty in heaven

g. Being together in Church is not a waste of time
i. You know why its not waste of Time ?
ii. Because in heaven we are all going to be together
iii.Those who asked Jesus to into there life
iv. Will be together

8. Where do Christians Waste there time ?
a. Not asking God first
b. To much T.V
c. Useless Arguments
d. Fighting
e. Being Angry
f. Talking bad about someone else
g. Talking to much
h. Judging people
i. Disobeying God
j. Falling into temptation
k. Sinning
l. Being Stubborn
m. Lying
n. Swearing
o. Doing to many things
p. Being depressed
q. Being worried
r. Being Lazy
s. Being like the world
t. Thinking like the world
u. Going to night clubs
v. Missing Church
w. Spending money on useless things
x. Going to different churches not being stable in one Church
y. Going to the wrong places
z. Feeling Guilty all the time
aa. Trying to fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed
bb. Hating people
cc. Doing Wrong

So in Conclusion:
What is this passage is saying ?
1. Don’t waste your time
2. But make it protective for Gods Glory
3. Ask God to direct your day
4. Get permission from God before you do anything
5. And you will not waste your time before God
6. Do the things that God loves
7. And you will never waste your time
8. But you will Gain it in heaven

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