by Charles Robey
(Trussville. AL USA)

Here we are watching time pass by

Now and then it just seems to fly
Many a memory comes to mind
Just to recall makes living so fine
Walking down the road to school
Just hoping to learn the golden rule
Asking to borrow the new family car
With a smile that it won’t go so far
Bringing that first girl home to meet
Hoping with a smile Dad will give a greet
Off to college with all the books in hand
Hoping to join the famed college band
Then comes the moment of lasting truth
That I longed for since leaving my youth
Finely smiling as I ask Dad for her hand
As we nervously tell Dad our living plan
The young ones now sitting on my knees
Starting to talk so that I will be pleased
Now here we are oh, how time did fly
As life is now about to pass us all by
Yes, O yes I could tell you much more
But for now, that's all I have in store

“Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.” (Proverbs 16:31)

King Solomon must have read (Leviticus 19:32) as he’s in agreement with the gray-hair syndrome. You see, we may temporarily color up this trait of aging. However, aging is God's plan for our lives and brings with it many fond memories, many lessons learned.

We are who we are, gray hair or no hair at all. And this crown of glory is what we all should be striving to obtain, by living a more righteous life. (Philippians 1:21)

You see, this gray hair has deposited many memories in this old memory bank of mine. Many were happy ones, yet some not so very pleasant.

Being a red-blooded vehicle-loving young lad, I have so many auto-related memories. I remember as if it was yesterday, learning to drive in my backyard wrestling that old 1947 Chevy.

The one with the straight shift transmission and no power steering nor power brakes.

Then came my sixteenth birthday, and my long-awaited driver's test. Passing with flying colors and receiving that treasured driver's license was the highlight of my sixteenth year. However, since I took the test with an automatic gearshift, my license was labeled "Restricted Automatic."

In relation to those classic cars, I remember many family road trips. Dad would have the tank filled, tires checked, and everything loaded (and I mean crammed in that VW bug) before dawn. And away we would go, in the middle of summer, to Grandma's house us kids being held hostage in the back seat of that sweat box.

Yes, time was good growing up in the good ole fifties. Life was packed full of happy memories. So, I trust you will give out a little chuckle when reading this little poem, If you are in my age range, that is.

If not, maybe your pa-paw will understand these times. You see I readily boast of being older than dirt, and twice as gritty. In fact, I'm old enough to have my Bible autographed.

Author's Postscript ( Some additional energetic, zestful thoughts)


When grown-ups seemed glamorous?
When you expected each day to be fun?
When people said "thank you" and "please"?
When Mom called you in for supper at dusk?
When you played hide-and-seek?
When you climbed trees?
When downtown seemed so far away?
When you caught lightning bugs in a jar?
When drugstores had fountains?
When most kids had a bike?
When you had a wish for each star?
When no one had pedigreed dogs?
When you read comic books by the ton?
When you bought penny candy?
When you drank chocolate milk?

If these simple things bring a smile to your face whenever they're heard or they are told, it means you were lucky to have such good times. It also means you're kinda old! Amen!

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