by Rev. Howard Rosen, Jr.
(Dillwyn, VA)

Pleasant Grove Baptist

John 14:28
We are in the upper room as Christ continues to give words of encouragement on this last night of His life on earth. In a way of expression that only Jesus could give He is saying to them, before we say goodbye there are a few things I need to teach you. He appeals to the warmest feeling in their hearts in order to raise their spirits.

Even though they didn't know exactly what was to take place the disciples knew that their Beloved Jesus was about to leave them, so in spite of their trouble in understanding He reassures them that because of their love for Him they would soon rejoice, because He was going to the Father . . . BEFORE WE SAY GOOD BYE . . . There are a few things to learn.


1. He sees the whole picture. He says not only will I go away, but also I will come again. We need to learn that Christ knows all things; therefore our trust in Him is the proof of our love for Him.

2. He sees through things. He does not only say, I die, but He looks beyond and says I go unto the Father. He wanted them to know that even though things looked bad at the time, there was a better day coming. That message is for us today as well!

3. He sees the true bearing of things. The events which were about to happen were in themselves sad, but they would lead to happy results. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice. He was saying before we say goodbye I want you to see things in my light and it will help you to dwell with me, live in me, to grow in me, to grow like me, and to love me more and more.


If ye love me - Song of Sol. 5:16 All about Him is amiable; but He himself is altogether lovely.

1. He is the source of everything. All we have or will have is a benefit given to us by the grace of God. Col. 1:16-19 For by Him were all things created. . . And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist. For it pleased the Father that in Him all fullness dwell.

2. Loving Him, we have Him, and His benefits. We share in who He is.

3. Loving Him, we glorify Him. Share the Fathers glory.

4. Loving Him, we share in all He does.

5. Loving Him, we love His people for His sake. We show the lost who He is.

6. Loving Him, we endure trouble and suffering for His sake. Because He did!

7. Loving Him, we know that the Father loves us. (John14:23).

8. Loving Him, we are married to Him. To love Him and to know Him is a bond as marriage is the example of our soul united to Christ.

In loving a person it shows real emotions. To love a person is a great influence, and the leader of all motives. To Love a person is the most satisfying of all natural affections. When we love the person of Jesus Christ, and receive His love in return then we learn how to love each other. Jesus says before we say Goodbye learn this!


1. When we feel sorry for a loss. He still loves us.

2. When we reject His will because of fear. He still loves us.

3. When we reject His wisdom, because we think our way is better. He still loves us.

4. When we refuse to die to our flesh, rejecting Him as Lord of all. He still loves us.

5. When we reject His Sovereignty and fail to rejoice in the things we have no control over. He still loves us. Jesus is saying to them before we say goodbye, He loves them and that they should never question this fact even when He is not in their sight, and yes, my friends that is our promise as well!


1. When we are tried and tested. Rejoice - Christ is exalted in our victory.

2. When we are afflicted. Rejoice - Christ is glorified by our sorrows.

3. When we feel over powered. Rejoice - Christ is our strength.

4. When we feel deprived. Rejoice - We will have Christ riches.

5. When we feel low. Rejoice - Christ will lift us up.

6. When this life is over. Rejoice - We will be like Him.

7. When this life is over. Rejoice - We will be with Him.

8. When this life is over. Rejoice - We will never die.

My friends before we say goodbye, learn these things that our Lord has taught.
Learn the things He spoke to the ones in that room that night, and take them for yourself, because, before He said goodbye, He left these encouraging comforting words to us and He will come for us soon.

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