Could Teaching Santa Clause, Etc. Hinder Faith?

by Rev. Richard A. Kent
(Sullivan , In, USA)

Hebrews 11:1

Faith - what is the definition of faith. The Word of God says faith is "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." We are given by God a certain measure of faith, and then as we mature, that faith grows with us if we allow it to.

But are there things in this world that begin to tear away at faith from the very beginning, and could some of those things even come from those we love? The following words are neither written in right nor wrong point of view but rather let each person make that decision for themselves.

In Church we are taught to believe in God and to believe in his only begotten Son. We are taught to believe in something that many have neither seen, heard, nor felt. Many of us in the faith now face children and young adults that seem to contain little or no faith and that rightfully burdens our hearts.

Could it be something we have done as parents, or maybe not doing now? How many things are we taught as children are real, later on to find out that those things we truly had faith in and believed in were anything but real. For an example let us consider the figure of “Santa Claus”.

As Children we are taught to believe in a happy, jolly man that brings toys to good little boys and girls. That he lives in the North Pole and has a sled led by flying reindeer. We all know the story right? I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I believed in him.

My parents told me he was real. I saw the evidence in the malls - I even sat on Santa’s lap. But the question is, could this believing in someone and later finding out they are not real damage or even tear down faith in God and Christ? Things such as the Easter bunny, the Tooth fairly and more are driven into our minds as children, and then later found to be false.

Could these things affect us as adults? Could this be part of the problem in our youth? Could what most think as simply fun and imaginative creation lead to a hindrance to believe in something else, such as God, or creation?

Could it be that evil has slipped in and disguised itself as good, or perhaps it is simply that people have not really looked into the whole picture? Remember faith is believing in something we may not have ever seen, nor felt.

Please don’t misunderstand, I love the holidays. During Christmas, I love the beautiful lights and music. The feeling of happiness seems to glow from most everyone during this season. As Christians we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

People have a spirit of giving and love during this time that seems to radiate. As Christian parents we want our children to be able to have a positive relationship with God - amen. We want what is in their best interest, and would never do anything to hinder that in any way.

This subject can cause great controversy, but it may be one that seriously needs to be discussed in our churches today. If there is anything in our lives or what we do that could in any way hurt our growth in maturing as Christian men and women, I feel each and everyone one of us would agree that it needs our attention.

Take a moment and ask God today what he thinks, and let us work to do all we can for the building of faith.

Comments for Could Teaching Santa Clause, Etc. Hinder Faith?

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Jan 01, 2017
about teaching of santa clause:
by: Kenneth Perry

Simply learning that santa claus in reality is both a demonic and human myth to direct humanity away from GOD the Great Creator or better yet in this case the Great Provider is like helping to destroy faith in the reality of REAL spiritual things. I won't go deep into this subject but as I was told one day why so many people feel free to sin so easily is because THEY can't see GOD with their eyes some tend to believe GOD DOESN'T see THEM.
Another subject is that simple phrase called "Luck" or Lucky, as it was revealed to me that Luck is simply a revised name of Lucifer. Luck is supposed "good fortune". Since satan who was Lucifer meaning among many definitions... "shining one or light bringer" does not shine anymore and has no real good fortune to offer without costly soul losing attachments.thank you for bringing this to the light.

Nov 29, 2009
Believing in mythical things
by: Bobby

I believe teaching our children to believe in
Mythical things only destroys their faith in GOD,

Sep 28, 2009

by: Joe

I have heard that argument before--that believing in such things as the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, etc. and then abandoning that belief upon adulthood makes it that much easier to abandon belief in God. I used to believe that myself, but now I am of a different mind. God is someone/something that we cannot see or touch; for this reason it requires a healthy capacity for imagination in order to believe in God. Things such as the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, etc. can be helpful in developing that capacity for imagination.

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