Don't Step Out From Under The Umbrella Of God

by Rev. Richard A. Kent
(Sullivan, In USA)

Luke 15:11-32

The Umbrella of God - what is that exactly? The symbolism of the umbrella is the protection of God’s covering. When we as Christians turn our lives over to God, he in turn promises to guide and protect. As we know an umbrella shields us from the rain pouring down upon us.

If we were to picture God holding a giant umbrella over his people, what would happen if one or more decided to walk outside that umbrella? Of course that is obvious; they would no longer have the protection of that shield (umbrella) and they would be drenched with the rains falling.

God is always there for us. It is always us that walks away from him. He promises if we will follow his words, and walk in his light, we will have his protection. Often in the faith we can find ourselves walking outside this umbrella without thinking.

The cares of the world and burdens of life can at times overwhelm even the most honest of Christians. We find ourselves trying to put the problems of life upon ourselves and not giving them to God, and walking in a freedom that boggles the mind of any non-Christian.

Often temptations will surround this umbrella and like any, they will attempt to lure all they can away from this protection. Outside that safety zone, they are vulnerable to any attack of the enemy.

It is much like a herd of sheep and the wolf that hunts them. The wolf will attempt to frighten the sheep, creating a chaos in the herd - causing them to separate and run away from the protection of the Shepherd. Having done this the wolf can search for the weakest one, outside that umbrella of protection, and make his kill.

As long as the sheep stay near to the Shepherd, he can protect them. When the sheep begin doing their own thing, that ability to protect is lessened. Much like our Pastors - their words of guidance can only help, if we apply those words to our lives - amen.

Have you ever caught yourselves blaming God for your problems? I urge you next time, that when this happens, stop and look around you - ask yourself if maybe you walked away from the umbrella of protection. That perhaps the first thing we need to do is run back home to where we belong.

I promise you the Father will greet you with open arms. Just as in the story of the parable of the lost son, found in Luke chapter 15 verses 11 through 32. This story tells us that God is always there waiting for us to return, that no matter what we have done, his love is undying. He will never turn us away.

So no matter where we are today, God stands there waiting with his arms stretched and saying “are you ready to come home child”. Even though the wolves may be biting at your heels, and the storms of life may be pouring down upon you, it is not too late to still come home.

The lights are always on in the kingdom of God, for anyone that calls out to him. Remember to receive God’s protection we must stay under the umbrella, but if we ever find ourselves in an unsheltered spot, simply step back under. Stay close to the Shepherd, and worry not.

Comments for Don't Step Out From Under The Umbrella Of God

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Mar 05, 2019
The Umbrella of the Church
by: Anonymous

Upon what scriptures is this concept of "stepping from under God's umbrella" based? Is the threat of being out from under a church's protection if you leave not a manipulative tactic?

Jan 31, 2015
Re: How?
by: Anonymous

You return under God's Umbrella by correcting and sin or disobedience you are doing that caused you to step out. You pray for forgivenss, repent and correct the behavior. God will forgive you and return his protection and mercy.

Oct 27, 2014
by: Nathan B

How exactly do we step back in or stay under Gods care? Is it prayer? Is it a specific prayer? What are the actions?

Feb 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am and was going through a rough period in my life. God said in pray to me, "Stay under the Umbrella of the Blessing of God." Once I read this passage under true revelation, it was clear to me the I stepped from under the umbrella-ark of safety. Although I suffered greatly God is letting me know stay covered and don't go astray.
Trust and Believe that God will Never Leave You :)

Oct 20, 2009
Needed this
by: Steve Hayeslip

Thank you Richard I needed this today.

Sep 24, 2009
by: Mark Hollingsworth

Richard, I don't know if you are on FaceBook or not but I'm getting some comments there for your sermon, "Don't Step Out From Under the Umbrella of God" cause my blog is attached to my FaceBook account so my FaceBook friends can follow my website there. You can see it at
or go to the "About Me" page and scroll down to bottom and click on the "FaceBook" banner and we can become friends and you can see the comments, etc. Thanks for your sermons. I hope you add more to the point where I can make you a page of your own!
Blessings, Mark

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