Dust under the carpet

by David Kee
(Electra, Texas)

Pentecostal Church of God

Dust under The Carpet
Psalm 51:7-10
One Saturday my wife and I were pulling up the carpet in our living room and to our somewhat surprise there was a lot of dust under there. Apparently and without saying our vacuum cleaner was not getting all of the dirt out. The vacuum cleaner just could not pull it out because the carpet fibers were too tight. And would not let the power of the vacuum reach the dirt. So when we pulled the carpet up there the dirt was.
Matthew 8:1-3, 23:25-27
This is how some people are they need to be cleaned but they will not let the power of the Lord reach deep down in them and give them a complete cleaning. They want to or should I say don’t want to let something go they want to be like that carpet. They do not realize what they are holding on to is death and just like that dirt after a while, it will start causing the fibers to rot.

Men do not want the light to get into their lives because it shows all their dirt. No matter how hard we try to clean our selves we can not get as clean as what the Lord can get us. How many of you would leave a baby’s dirty diaper on? Of course, you wouldn’t. But yet so many Christians want to keep theirs on. Jesus didn’t go to the cross just so people could stay wrapped up in their sins.

We know that nobody is perfect and I’m not saying we have to be but I am saying we have to at least do the very best that we can and then let God do the rest in giving us strength where we are weak. For those who refuse to let the light in have no hope because they have rejected Jesus himself. The Bible clearly states in 1John 1:5-10, but if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his son, purifies us from all sin.

So you see in order to get to heaven we have to walk in the light and do the best we can. What happens when you walk into a dark room that you are unfamiliar with? Do you just go waltzing in there? NO. But yet people do that very thing day in and day out. The bible gives us very explicit instructions on how to live and what to do when we trip and fall. Or in some cases choose to do wrong.

This is why it is so important to go to church. So that we can renew our spiritual strength and the best way to this is to go to church. It is not hard to figure out if things are not going the way you think they should or that something is wrong. And most of the time it is because of one or two things or both.

The first thing is sin. Either we choose to sin or accidentally sin. You might say to yourself that I’d never choose to sin. Let us look at that. Ask yourself a few simple questions. 1 Have I ever gossiped? This was a choice. 2 Have I ever broken any traffic laws? Another choice. These are just a couple of examples of sins that are choices.
Accidental sins are those that you do when you really did not mean to. The second thing is there might be a void in your life and the only one that can fill it is Jesus Christ himself.
No one is perfect we will all fall short. Even though this is true we all must strive to grow and do our best and grow closer to Christ.

We cannot become like that old dirty carpet and hold on to things that will harm us spiritually. For if we hold on to the dirt in our lives it will begin to tear us down just like that carpet. Our Father God wants to cleanse us all the way thru. Will you let him do that today, please.

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