Isaac and Rebekah: a true love story

by Jonathan Spurlock
(Holts Summit, MO)

Text: Genesis 24

Isaac had been mourning the death of his mother for possibly 3 years! Father Abraham decided it was time for him to get a wife. He sent a trusted servant to find a girl for Isaac from Abraham’s home territory.

God intervened and it made Bible history!

I The mission: find a bride for my son! (vv. 1-9)
A DO NOT choose a local (pagan) girl (Canaanite)
B DO NOT take Isaac back there (450 miles or more!)
C IF you don’t find a suitable mate, you’re clear of responsibility

II The test: how will I know she’s the right one? (vv. 10-32)
A Prayer of the servant: Lord, here’s my request
B Provision: Rebekah supplied water, food, etc., for the party
C Pondering: could she be the one, after all?
D Parentage: who is your father? (must be of Abraham’s kin)

III The proposal: what will Rebekah say? (vv. 33-60)
A Review of the mission (this is why I’m here)
B Request: tell me if this is good in your eyes (respect)
C Reply: Father and brother, it’s okay with us (but, wait a bit)!
D Response: It’s now or never, so let me know so I can go!
E Rejoinder: “I will go”. She was going on a well-traveled road!
--As Abraham had left his country to follow the Lord, so did she.

IV The completion (vv. 61-end)
A Isaac sees the camel-train coming back
B Rebekah sees Isaac and covered herself w/veil (modesty, e.g.)
C The servant tells Rebekah all about Isaac
D He loved her, and was comforted

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