by Charles Robey
(Trussville AL)

The Moon Will Turn To Blood

The Moon Will Turn To Blood


The following article is based on biblical prophecy (2 Peter 1:21) and is intended to be conveyed either as the content or through direct or indirect examination of scripture.

The concept that the message of this article may have different meanings in different contexts, may be closely related to one's knowledge, understanding,and perception, of the scriptures as given in (2 Timothy 3:16).

"The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD" (Joel 2:31). Also read (Acts 2:20), (Matthew 24:29) and (Revelation 6:12).

The phenomenon of the four Blood Moons has recently fascinated the attention of the prophetic world, as history has revealed these four Blood Moons coincide with the Jewish feast days. In times past, when this same scenario occurred, major incidents happened within this same Jewish state.

According to NASA, the "Blood Moon" effect occurs during certain lunar eclipses. As the earth passes between the sun and the moon, the sun's rays are blocked from reflecting off the moon as normal. However, some of the sun’s rays curve around the earth causing the moon to appear red during a total eclipse. Because of its vivid reddish color, a total lunar eclipse is often referred as a "Blood Moon". The occurrences of blood moons are quite common, normally happening at least twice per year. Most of us have seen the moon when its appearance has changed to red. When four blood moons happen in close succession, NASA refers to this as a tetrad. Tetrads are rather rare, only taking place fifty-five times since 1 AD.

This phenomenon of four consecutive blood moons, coinciding with Jewish feast days, has only occurred ten times since 1 AD and only three times since 1492 AD. The three times since 1492 were: the tetrad of 1493-1494,the tetrad of 1949-1950 and the tetrad of 1967-1968.

These four blood moons, are now appearing on the Jewish feast days,for the fourth time in the last 500 years.

According to NASA, they will occur on: April 15, 2014—Passover, October 8, 2014—Feast of Tabernacles, April 4, 2015—Passover, September 28, 2015—Feast of Tabernacles (These dates are confirmed by NASA's Eclipse web site)

(Please Note: Sandwiched between the four blood-moons is the added significance of the total solar eclipse on 3/20/15 which is on the biblical calendar of Nisan 1. Nisan 1 begins the religious New Year according to the scriptures. This date was the grand opening of Moses tabernacle in the wilderness. This is the day a great sign came and fire fell to light the burnt offering. So, is God giving us a warning ?)

We have only had blood-red moons on the first day of Passover and the first day of Sukkot on back-to-back years seven times since 1 A.D. Three of these occurrences were historically connected to the state of Israel. In 1492, the Jews were expelled from Spain. In 1948, the statehood for Israel and the War of Independence occurred. And in 1967, Israel's six day War occurred. These were some of the most significant days in Jewish history.

The Passover is the first annual feast, Passover celebrates God liberating the Israelites from Egyptian bondage and is probably the single most theologically important holiday in the Jewish calendar.

Sukkoth (Feast of Tabernacles) is the seventh and final annual feast. In ancient times when the Temple stood in Jerusalem, this was a pilgrimage holiday to celebrate the harvest. In our time it still coincides with the harvest.

Will this unprecedented "Blood Moon Tetrad” pattern, reveal fascinating insight into the Blood Moon Prophecy for 2014-2015 ? And will these occurrences be significance to the state of Israel and the rest of the world ? Only time will tell.

Throughout history, many civilizations have searched the heavens to see if there is a connection between celestial patterns and events here on earth. Thanks to modern technology, we are now not only able to chart past changes to the stars, sun, and moon, but we know when these future changes will take place as well.

Modern science has focused much of its efforts on looking for mathematical patterns utilizing our modern Gregorian calendar system, but when historians, astronomers, and theologians looked for patterns utilizing the ancient Biblical calendar with key prophetic dates such as Passover, everything changed.

So, what about America ? Does our nation stand for or against Israel ? America is now stalwartly seeking to reach a peace agreement between the Palestinians and the Jewish state. The two sides seem to be negotiating in secret on a daily basis. If an agreement is fully achieved, against Israel, then the "rapture", followed by the final seven years to Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus to the earth may begin very soon. Yes, if the U.S. successfully brokers an agreement, which is not in Israel's favor, just be prepared for the results.

The book entitled "Eye to Eye" documents numerous well known chaotic events happening in association with the US failing to stand with the state of Israel, as follows:

During the presidencies of George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, 29 record-setting catastrophes and/or major events occurred. During President George W. Bush's first 40 months in office, 24 record-setting catastrophes and/or major events occurred. From October 1, 2001, to January 9, 2004, eight periods of disruption occurred in the United States following the 9-11 terror events when President George W. Bush attempted to divide Israel's land. Thirty-one major suicide bombings in Israel occurred at the same time President George W. Bush or one of his top-level staff and/or one of Israel's top officials were working with the U.S. on either a cease-fire agreement, a peace deal, publicly stating Israel's approval of a Palestinian state, or Israel was about to evacuate property. Included is the sell-out of Gaza and hurricane Katrina. Just days after Obama insisted Israel must give up lands it won through military victory with its enemies, some 200 people were killed by a tornado in Joplin, Mo."

Nine of the 10 costliest insurance events in U.S. history followed dramatic calls by U.S. officials for Israel to make land concessions in bids for peace with its neighbors. The book points out with startling detail how six of the seven costliest hurricanes in U.S. history followed such events. The book also points out how three of the four largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history followed such developments."

The scripture makes it very plain, with respect to anyone going against God's people, Israel. For the Land of Israel is the only place on earth which God says He owns in terms of property ownership that can be transferred. (Of course, we know the whole world is His, yet this one parcel of land on the earth has a unique relationship to Him.) About Israel, God says (Genesis 12:7) (Genesis 13:15) and ( Leviticus 25:23).

(From the Ryrie Study Bible notes: The above light source of the first day was replaced by the sun and moon. Their purposes were to distinguish day and night, to be signs, (by which men get their bearings, as well as signs of judgment, to mark off the seasons, and to give light to the earth.)

In conclusion, as followers of Christ (Philippians 1:21), we should not practice or put our faith in astrology. However, the heavens have long since revealed God's power and plans. In (Genesis 1:14), God created the seasons. And the wise men were led to Jesus by a star in (Matthew 2:1-2) and (Matthew 2:9-10),

I don't know the significant purpose of these "Blood Moons", as they coincide with the Jewish Holy Days. However, based on past Jewish history, if the powers-to-be succeed in forcing an ungodly peace agreement with Israel, let's all just be ready to go up ( 1 Cor 15:52) (1 Thess 4:16-17) ( Rev 4:1).

Amen !

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