by Rev. Howard Rosen, Jr
(Dillwyn, VA)

Rev.Howard Rosen,Jr
Pleasant Grove Baptist

John 1:1-44 – As we take a look at this well known story of the raising of Lazarus from the grave we can take a closer look at the walk of Jesus to the grave side of His friend and we will see some things about His love for the people that are in this story, and we can see things about His love for us that we sometimes forget.
We all know that Jesus loves us, but sometimes when we fail we may feel that His love has left us. My friends this is a lie that Satan would love you to believe, because if you ever start to think that Jesus doesn’t love you for any reason then you are on your way to defeat.

1. Jesus Loves Me – When I am not well.

V3 There was no need to tell Jesus who was sick, they knew that Jesus would know exactly who. He knows us He knows when we are not at our best, He knows when we are sick, or down and out, but He loves us still.

2. Jesus Loves Me – When I am different. V5 All of these people mentioned here were different in character, but Jesus didn’t fail to mention that He loved them all. There is no one here that is any more loved by our Lord than the other!

3. Jesus Loves Me – When I am impatient.

V6 We know that Jesus knew what was happening before the message ever got to Him, but He was in no hurry to move. He waited two days! Oh, don’t we need to get that one! Jesus loves us He knows what to do and when to move, and when He does it will bring glory to God in our life just as it will in this story. He is always right on time, He never forgets us, and He is in control.

4. Jesus Loves Me – When I don’t understand and question His purpose.

V8 Notice they call Him Master, then question what He is doing! Don’t we find ourselves doing the same? He loves us we need to trust Him we don’t always have to know His purpose, but we can know it is for our good.

5. Jesus Loves Me – When I don’t walk in His light.

V9 Jesus comforts them by saying that they are to obey Him and walk in the light while they can see. He is that light, and we are not to worry but walk in His will.

6. Jesus Loves Me – When I am confused. V11-14 The disciples couldn’t figure out what the Lord was doing or what was going on with their friend Lazarus. Was he just sleeping? Then Jesus says: Lazarus is dead. When we are tossed and scattered and have no idea what is taking place we can be sure that our loving Lord has the answer we need!

7. Jesus Loves Me – When I have little faith.

V15 Jesus wasn’t glad for the death of His friend, but for the chance to show that when things happen we can’t control we can trust Him. When we have problems it is sometimes a God sent situation to help us trust Him more to help us build faith in Him, if things were perfect all the time we wouldn’t have the need to trust Him and we wouldn’t be able to see Him work in mighty ways to deliver us.

8. Jesus Loves Me – When I am negative.

V16 Thomas says I’ll go with you Lord, but I am going to prepare for the worst. Always looking to the negative is not faith, walking in fear when our Lord leads is misunderstanding of how much He really loves us. He will not lead us wrong.

9. Jesus Loves Me – When I blame Him for my pain or hardship.

V21 Martha says if you had been here my brother would not be dead. When we do the same thing, question blame God for our troubles, He still loves us and wants us to see the outcome that is for our best interest we have no reason to blame a loving God for any hurt.

10. Jesus Loves Me – When I underestimate His power.

V23-26 Martha had no idea that Jesus had the power to raise her brother from the dead at that very moment. But He gives her comfort and assurance of His power over the grave, I am the resurrection and the life

11. Jesus Loves Me – When I confess Him and who He is.

V27 Martha says you are the Christ the Son of God. Does His love increase because we confess Him? No, but our trust in His love does, our heart does, our life does!

12. Jesus Loves Me – When I am broken hearted.

V33-35 Jesus wept here by His friends grave not because of the death; He knew what was going to happen, but He was full of love and compassion because He knew the hearts of the people were broken from grief, and He wanted to give them comfort because He knew their hurt.

13. Jesus Loves Me – When I forget He knows my name.

V43 There was Lazarus laying there for four long days, some thought the Lord had forgotten, but Oh no! Jesus cried out Lazarus come forth and it was done the body rose. Beloved the loving Jesus the Prince of Peace, the Good Shepard knows your name, He knows your every need, and He loves you. Never forget He is personal and no matter what we do, what we are going through remember Jesus Love Me.

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