Nailed to his Fate

by Alex Reece

Think of Jesus Christ not like a friend, but like a brother.
For through his sacrifice, he gave us more than any other.
With the shameful, shouting crowd shooting orders for a kill,
“Crucify him cruelly on the cross upon the hill.”

Satan smiled slyly like the snake that slithered in Eden.
Eve was swayed, but our Savior saved and filled our every need in.
Pilate said “What has he done?” But the blasphemy they repeated.
For in this feud the crowd had won, a kill was what they needed.

Not just they needed, but we need as well,
Not needed but were blessed with to avoid a life in hell.
The soldiers then took him to the place where he'd be scourged,
then the thought of saving himself must have strongly urged.

But he went on to torture, though he was not to blame,
he had no sin, but we gave in and had such evil aims.
They tied him up for scourging with his arms above his head,
bound in such a fashion with no defense for what's ahead.

But if escape was what he wanted, bondage would do not good.
For this was Christ the Almighty Lord; if he wanted it stopped, he could.
The whip they used to scourge him had multiple twines of various lengths,
and had debris likes bones and shards at the soldiers greatest strengths.

The whip would slash blow after blow
and his tears, his love, his blood would flow.
The whip would crack upon his back and tear his precious skin
causing bleeding, and bruising, and pain, and happen again and again.

His whole back was blood and his shoulder blades bare bone.
Even though it was our fault, he bore it all alone.
They patched his wounds with a robe so that he would not die.
He allowed his pain to remain to save both you and I.

And while his wounds were healing, they mocked his holy name.
They said he could not save himself and turned his glory to shame.
He could have stopped it all, it is what we deserve.
We sinned against his law, our selfishness to serve.

With the blood flow finally slowing, our Savior nearly dead,
they made him carry his cross to his death that lied ahead.
He collapsed part of the way because of his physical weakness.
He would have carried it all the way because of his mental meekness.

They got to Golgotha, that is the place of the skull.
Then the soldiers offered him sour wine mixed with gull.
They did not use any mere nails, but spikes to hold his weight.
They drove them through his hands and feet, nailing him to his fate.

And all his weight ripping on the flesh around the nail.
With all this pain we somehow chose to follow the sinful trail.
But is sin really that fun, to cruelly kill our Lord?
This is the life we chose to run, to put Christ to the sword.

The pain from the scourging and the pain from the nails
are the end result of when we failed.
As his blood ran down the splintering wood,
it's like through our sins, we just said “Good.”

It's like we said through our first sin,
“He can die and I'll give in.
He hung there
but I don't care
and all his pain
I'll put to vain.

Put the nails through the sinless one
so I can sin and have some fun.”
Is this what we said? Is this what we thought?
I'm sure you're thinking “Certainly not”.

But without forgiveness, it's the message we sent.
So if you don't think that, it's time to repent.
It shouldn't have happened to any man so harsh and inhumane.
It happened to a sinless man and we're the ones to blame.

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