Unless you’ve been hidden under that proverbial rock somewhere, you are probably aware of today’s modern-day progressive by-word phrase, the “Green New Deal.”

Remember that saying “If you don't like the weather, just wait fifteen minutes and it will change? “ Well apparently the Green New Deal advocates can’t seem to wait, according to the news outlets. They all, news media and the powers-to-be, apparently have found the answer to this well-known cliché. Or, have they?

I also remember years ago, not necessarily about what prompted it, but my dad saying to me, “Son, you can’t drive a car from the back seat.” Later on in life, as my personal responsibilities became more prevalent, this unusual cliché took on a positive meaning for me in relationship to this bit of human reasoning, the likes of the Green New Deal concept.

So, I now feel within my spirit a divine nudge to give an informal written fiction article about today’s progressive society. So, let’s get with it. I call this imaginary fantasy blog “Panting the Universe Green”

Psalm 2:1-5 "Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the LORD and against His anointed, saying, "Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles." The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the LORD scoffs at them. He rebukes them in His anger and terrifies them in His wrath, saying, "But as for Me, I have installed My King upon Zion, My holy mountain.”

I thought maybe, since I seemed to be well rested from the week-long Bible seminary teaching, that I might just grab a brush and finish painting the garage green. The wife had suggested I paint green, as she liked the color of money. Nonetheless, by way of some apparent divine placement, I wasn’t able to finish my intended project. It was another of my spectacular dream world adventures, I’ve been having my share of late.

I found myself being hurled ambiently into space. Into another unbeknown atmosphere. I was looking down on the strangest universe. What a strange site to behold, this universe was. It had all seemed to reflect green.

Green vehicles were everywhere. Parked along the streets and highways, parked in the drive ways of homes, in the parking lots. Matching these many vehicles were an array of fields of weird looking greenish wind terminals.

The strangest scenery of it all, was that these green wind mill terminals seemed all to be stagnated. The wind energy, required to drive these big blades had mysteriously become stopped thus no energy was being generated.

Having been fortunate enough, by some unknown divine reason, to have been given a private view of this weird green universe, I couldn’t help but take advantage by pondering the situation. Perhaps maybe, the lack of wind, needed to produce the required energy was the cause of the vehicles being shut down, but how then were all the inhabitants of this odd green universe able to survive or endure life’s expectations ?

It didn’t take long, however, for my concern to be answered. Out of nowhere, within this wide-open oddly green colored atmosphere, he came flying out of nowhere, this leprechaun look-alike character, landing right in front of my vision. He appeared to be somewhat distraught.

He too fit the décor of this odd universe. For he was all decked out in green, from head to toe. But, for some unknown reason, his green décor appeared to be a bit well-worn shabby and untidy. And his demeanor matched his clothing.

I couldn’t help but notice the rather crude looking self-painted sign, which he did his best to hide, hanging down by his side which read, “ Will work for food.”

After a bit of silence, I mustered up the energy to make conversation. “Just who are you”, kind sir. Why the green dressed up décor, and why the most unusual sign?

The pause seemed forever, then he replied, “ Well, I’ll tell you, my friend. I’m now out of work and in dire need of help. I once was on top of the world, with politics being my fame to claim. I was known thought out this universe by the all-prestigious title, of the ‘Green New Deal Monarch” I was to save and clean up our planet, using my expertise and knowledge of the supposal dangers of fossil fuel.”

Through my selfish political desire, I had failed to realize the confusing results of such a plan, by doing away with fossil fuel, the labor and workers who would be affected. The service stations, and convenience stores that would suffer. The quick untimely influencing result it would causes the masses who could not afford the impossible pricing of the needed alterative vehicles. And, the time element that would be needed to completely change this God grace universe in which we now live, from fossil fuel to the alternative.

But most of all, little did I realize that this old universe was created by the providential hands of a divine living God. Everything, including fossil fuel, was created for a particular purpose, for a balanced reason. To teach us progressive isopiestic populist a lesson, in divine faith. (Hebrews 11:1,6) .

Now. I assume by divine direction the wind mysteriously stopped blowing, for a particular providential reason, thus quickly destroying the Green New Deal concept. And uprooting my lifetime political hopes. For this, my false action, I’m now surely regretful and do repent.

So, was this unworkable political concept of changing natures divine design, to simply please a hand full of over mellitic untaught politicians, worth destroying this God graced universe?” “Did this chaotic development thus result in an unprecedented need to return back to that of fossil fuel.

And is it too late now, as our entire green laden cosmos has come to a standstill. The fuel refinery’s having been long since destroyed. Along with the Green New Deal concept. I now think not.

Now, all we have, as you can see from afar off, is greenery everywhere. Green colored standstill windmills, green colored abandon vehicles. Even barrels full of what is known as green-back cash, no longer valuable, just laying around.

Thus, this brief encounter, this confusing conversation with no ending conclusion, suddenly and abrupted came to an end. The green mysterious universe had disappeared, as did the former Green New Deal Monarch.

What a dreadful dream, or should I say nightmare, it had been. As been the case lately, my dream came to an abrupt halt. I was back at the local service station, still waiting for the long line to move forward. What was so disappointing, while I was waiting in line, the price of fuel had jumped up over a dollar a gallon. Can I say prayer? Can I say the need to check my billfold?

Oh yes, can I say dream world, as I looked around at the mysterious green new universe. For you see, apparently my dream had not ended, as expected. Stay tuned, will you please, for the very next episode. Be sure and check your gas gage, before it’s too late. Just stay tuned for my next installment.

If you can’t wait, simply scan the internet, or talk it over with you highly educated papaw.


There’s an old saying, “There’s no education in the second kick of a mule.” In other words, one should have learned the first time around. Have you been there, and done that? Haven't we learned, as a God-fearing nation that our living Creator, God, is in complete control of nature? Whether it's the burgeoning growth of spring, the living green of summer, the vibrant colors of fall or the stark bareness of winter, all seasons are in His hand.

Enter the unrealistic buzz phrase of Climate Change, a man-made fantasy related to the Green New Deal proposal which has now become ever so popular within our modern-day progressive culture. Again, have we not learned from our past? Maybe not!

Not only has this modern-day Green New Deal theoretical basis “Schopenhauer Philosophy” taken over a certain faction of our free society, but its theory has also been quite expensive, in terms of our free capitalistic economy. Visited the grocery store lately? Pumped gasoline into your car? Eaten out or just tried to live a normal life?

Again, I must confirm, regardless of the perceived governmental design or control, we cannot now, nor will we ever be able to control the weather. Seasons come; seasons go. Weather disasters come and go. It’s all a part of God’s eternal plan, not only for our lives, but for our environment.

The Preacher, King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, confirms God's care of this old world. All is vanity.(Ecclesiastes 1:2-4) Regardless of our progressive socialistic mindset, mankind cannot change the weather. (Ecclesiastes 1:5-11) It's all part of the futility of life.
Let us all enjoy and be content with the providences of life. (Ecclesiastes 2:24-26) And oh yes, believe it or not, this life’s enjoyment means that we should cope, as much as we can, with the effects of the climate changes; the God-given, God planned changes, that is. Not mankind’s impossible changes to conform with an unrealistic concept, though. That would be outside of the plan of our living Creator, and is now labeled the Green New Deal.

So, did you enjoy this bit of fiction illusion? I trust you did in its reading, as well as I did in its writing. So, stay tuned, if you will, for more of this same written chatter. In fact, I think you should. If you can’t wait, then check out the Internet. Bye for now, see you soon. May God Bless!

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