Stand Firm

by Douglas Webber
(Chenoa, IL USA)


2 Chronicles 20: 1-22

Jehosaphat was king of Judah. If we were to go back a few chapters, we would see that he was one of the righteous kings that reigned over the Kingdom of Judah. He was obedient to God and sought after Him.

As a result of his obedience, God blessed and prospered him. The Bible says that Jehosaphat became increasingly powerful and that he had much property (2 Chronicles 17: 5). It also says that the fear of the Lord was upon the surrounding nations so that they did not make war against him. (2 Chronicles 17: 10-11)

Unfortunately, this was not the case with the kingdoms of Ammon, Moab and Mt. Seir (also known as Edom.) These 3 kingdoms joined together with the intent of destroying Judah.

Jehosaphat received this terrifying news that this great multitude was coming against them. The Bible says that he feared, but as we just read, he did not stop there. He went and sought the Lord and proclaimed a fast for himself and for the kingdom of Judah.

Jehosaphat and all of Judah stopped what they were doing and stood before the Lord in the temple. They sought the Lord with all of their heart. They did not stop until they heard from him.

Finally, God spoke to them through a Levite named Jahaziel. Upon hearing from the Lord God, they worshipped and praised Him.

Now, God has some interesting battle plans. Instead of putting the fiercest warriors or the heaviest armaments in front, He had the praise team and the choir go first. I'm almost certain that they were not singing "Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior."

They were praising him with militant praise! What was the result? In verse 22 the Bible tells us that God sent ambushes against Ammon, Moab and Mt. Seir. As a result, Judah's enemies were defeated.

Some of you are facing a battle of epic proportions. There seems to be no possible way that you are going to get out of the situation that you are in. Everything is going well, when suddenly the bad news comes. Fear comes upon you so great that you don?t know what to do.

It is in times like these that you must turn to God, the Author and Finisher of your faith. Stand still before Him and He will give you direction.

Too often, we are faced with a situation of seemingly insurmountable odds. We try to come up with a solution on our own, but fail miserably. We come up with a plan and then ask God to bless our ideas. Don't come up with plans A, B, and C and then ask God to bless them or ask Him which of your plans is the best. That is not how it should be.

Rather, we should seek God first. He must come first in all things, not just in what we feel comfortable in giving over to Him.

Notice that Jehosaphat didn't come up with his own plan first. He sought the Lord immediately.

Wait on God. Jehosaphat and Judah stopped what they were doing and waited on the Lord. We don't know how long they waited, but they stayed until they received an answer from the Lord. We must wait on Him. Wait for His answer. It will come in God's timing.

It will come in a manner orchestrated only by the One who created the universe and all that is within it. It will perhaps seem foolish. (Whoever heard of pointing a walking stick out over the Red Sea?) Nonetheless, whatever God instructs you to do, do it. He desires our obedience; not our sacrifice.

Always follow God's instructions. Follow His commands. By doing so, you will see the hand of the Lord upon you and upon every situation that you face. Despite everything that goes on, God will bring you through.

Trust in Him, believe in Him, give everything to Him and he will deliver you. You and others around you will see that which the Lord has done.

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