by Rev. Howard Rosen, Jr
(Dillwyn, VA)

Pleasant Grove Baptist

Luke 5:12-26 – The world is looking and longing for something strange, something new and different, something novel to set them apart from others, or just something that makes them weird and unusual.

Well, actually the strangest man in the world was Jesus Christ, but yet He is the least seen, and the least spoken of by most men.
If men would just come and watch the works of Jesus they would see strange things. In His person, in His life, in His death, His teaching, they are full of strange things.

If we look at the things He has done we will find that He can be just as strange today as He was on the we see in our text, so lets look at some strange things.


1. The Clean Helping the Unclean – Wasn’t it strange that Jesus touched the leaper? It was not common for any one to approach someone that had leprosy, yet Jesus reached out and touched this man.

2. The Power to Draw Men for Healing – V17 Wasn’t it strange that so many came to see Jesus? They new from far around that this man Jesus was strange and had the power of the Lord upon Him.

3. The Faith from God Above – V19 Wasn’t it strange that the friends of this paralyzed man were determined to get there friend to Jesus? What strange things will we do today to get our friends to the healing power of God?

4. The Forgiveness of Sin – V20 Wasn’t it strange that Jesus could forgive this man form his sin with just a word?

5. The Practice of Thought Reading – V22 Wasn’t it strange that Jesus could read the thoughts of the people? Isn’t it strange that we forget that He still does this?

6. That He Makes a Man Carry the Bed that Carried Him – V25 Wasn’t it strange that Jesus used this to show the mans bondage the bed was removed?


1. The Maker of Men Born Among Men – God in the flesh, the Infinite being an infant. Wasn’t it strange?

2. The Lord of All Being a Servant – The Creator of the Universe becoming a servant even to the death of the cross for sinful man.

3. The Just One – Accused and condemned, and sacrificed for sin. Wasn’t it strange that God chose the perfect to take the place of the imperfect?

4. The Death of One Brings Life to All – Isn’t it strange that one mans death can bring everlasting life to all that believe on Him? I am the way the truth and the life, no man commeth to the Father but by me. I am the resurrection and the life he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live.


1. It is Strange – That a sinner can be justified by faith.

2. It is Strange – That a dark wicked heart can be renewed by grace.

3. It is Strange – That just as the burning bush Moses saw the fire of God in man’s soul will not be consumed.

4. It is Strange – That evil is made to work for good in God wisdom.

5. It is Strange – That strength is made perfect in weakness.

6. It is Strange – That the Holy Spirit dwells in a believer.

7. It is Strange – That heaven is enjoyed on earth.

There are many strange things that we sometimes don’t pay attention to because we are looking for other things, but when we see that these great things are ours to share because Jesus Christ the Son of God was and is at work among men we can began to see even stranger things as He does His work in our heart. And He will keep this work alive in us until we see the strangest of all . . . being with Christ in glory.

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