The Approachableness of Jesus Part 2

by John Lowe
(Laurens SC, USA)

He Came to Save Sinners

He Came to Save Sinners

There was a woman in the city who was a sinner.

You know what I’m talking about, so I won’t bother to explain that.
Her sin had caused her to be despised and shunned by everyone, but she had been forgiven, and in gratitude she poured the precious ointment on her beloved Savior's feet, and then wiped them with the hairs of her head; and when Simon the Pharisee wanted to tell her off, the Lord Jesus said, "She loves much because she has had much forgiven."
He is approachable by all, so then it follows that even the worst can come to Him; even the prostitute doesn’t need to hold back—she can come, and His touch can make her pure.
I think I have proved His approachableness, but if you want to hear the crowning argument, here it is.
The man, who has lived a life of service, dies a criminal’s death!
Look at his head see the crown of thorns!
Look at His cheeks where they have plucked out the hair!
See the spittle from those scornful mouths, staining his marred countenance!
Note the red rivers of blood which are flowing from his back where they have scourged him!
See His hands and His feet which are pierced with the nails, and see the blood that’s flowing from there!
Look at that face so full of agony, and listen to His words, "I thirst, I thirst;" and as you see him there dying, don’t you think He might now turn away those who want to come to Him?
Now, you see him turn his head and say to the dying thief by his side, "Today shalt thou be with me in paradise."
"There is life in a look from the crucified One."
I don’t think that you need to be afraid to come to Him who went to Calvary for sinners.
Now, I believe that I have proved the approachableness of Christ, so the next thing we should do is TO ILLUSTRATE THIS GREAT TRUTH.
I will illustrate it, first of all, by the way in which Christ opens up for sinners to come to Him.
What is the way for a sinner to come to Christ?
It is simply this—the sinner, feeling his need of a Savior, trusts himself to the Lord Jesus Christ.
I never could understand how I could get to Christ until I understood that it is a mental coming, a spiritual coming, a coming with the mind.
The coming to Jesus which saves the soul is a simple reliance upon Him.
He shows that He’s approachable by making it so simple to come to Him.
No good works, ceremonies, or experiences are demanded, a childlike faith is the royal road to Jesus.
This truth is further illustrated by the help which he gives to sinners, in order to bring them near to Him.
It’s the Holy Spirit who draws them to Christ.
They wouldn’t come to him on their own since no one comes to Him unless the Spirit first draws them.
You can depend upon it; He will never refuse those whom He himself draws by His Spirit.
Rest assured, He will never shut the door in the face of any soul that comes to feed on the gospel.
He said once, "Compel them to come in," but he never said, "Shut the door in their faces and keep them out."
I need to be brief now so I don’t keep you too long, but I’ll give you just three more illustrations of this great truth.
The first is how the children of God, communicate with our Lord.
It is so easy for you to reach His ear and His heart!
A prayer, a sigh, a tear, a groan,

will admit you into the very throne room of the King.
The approachableness of Christ may also be seen in the fact of his receiving the poor offerings of His people.
I don’t think that He needs what we have, but He receives it just like He received the sweet savor of animals offered on the altars of the Hebrew children.
Let me remind you of the good news; Jesus has never rejected a sinner who was seeking Him.
There can’t be found in the entire universe a single instance of a sincere seeker after Christ being turned away, and there never will be.
Didn’t He say, "Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out."
Friends, if there had been even a single soul turned away, we would have known it by now, because the one who would have spread it about, is the devil.
We have proven that Jesus is approachable, and we have found examples from His life, so the last thing to do is to see if We Can Be More Approachable.
First of all, those of us who are working for the Master in soul-winning should try to be like Christ in this matter, and not be like some people who are apt to be, proud, stuck-up, distant, or formal.
Have you observed the arrogant ministerial airs that some ministers have assumed; men who ought to be meek and lowly?
Some of the preachers of the past made an imposing collection of men, or at least they thought they were!
They never shook hands with anybody, except, with the deacons, and a little group of evidently superior persons.
Now, most churches have those who are just as bad in their congregations.
They’re always saying something like this: "Just in case you don’t know who I am, Mr. Jones, I am the treasurer of this church.”.
"Now, all that kind of stuck-uppishness is altogether wrong."
No one can do any good for the Lord who comes across as having an attitude of superiority and keeps distance from those he feels are below him.
The best teacher for boys is the man who can make himself a boy, and the best teacher for girls is the woman who can make herself a girl among girls.
We can expect souls to be saved when we do as Christ did, namely, get publicans and sinners to draw near to us.
Now, I wonder, If Jesus is so approachable, why is it that so many refuse to go to Him?
How I wish my son and grand daughter would approach Him, and my friends and other relations.
There are no bolts on His doors, no bars on His windows, no big dogs to keep them away.
Every man and woman that ever lived is poor, miserable, and bankrupt before God, and Christ alone can enrich their lives.
And no one should talk about being fit enough to come; there is no such thing:—
"All the fitness he requireth,
Is to feel your need of him:
This he gives you;
'Tis the Spirit's rising beam."
If it’s so easy to come to Him, what excuse can there be for those who refuse to accept Him?
This is the last remark—if Jesus is just such a Savior as we have described him today, then both saints and sinners should praise him.
Isn’t it wonderful that our dear Lord would be so willing for us to come to Him that He would come all the way from heaven to earth for us!
Nothing can match a love like that!
This is only possible because of His unspeakable grace!

The little poem says—
"Jesus sits on Zion's hill
He receives poor sinners still.
Blessed be his name!"


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