In Mike Rowe's best seller entitled The Way I Heard It he gives a collection of accounts of America’s real life experiences the way he heard them. It is a host of memories, ruminations, illustrations, and insights, known to his memory, the way he heard it.

So, how about this great country of ours, how did you hear about its blessed founding, freedoms, and opportunities? How did you hear about its established justice, its domestic tranquility, and equality?

The way I heard it was not from the nation's drive by news media, the local fish wrapper, any internet bragger, any government administration, or any money grabbing activist but from America’s patriotic history. America’s very foundation was her living Creator God, whose divinity was the foci of it all, and central to its founding documents. His eternal plan and divine purpose for America has never changed. (Malachi 3:6)

We do know, according to our Creator’s living Word, he appoints both good and bad leadership to affect His eternal will for any particular country, America included. And no one or no situation will ever change His divine plans, regards of how mankind may feel or react, and regardless of one’s social or religious mindset. (Daniel 2:21) (Psalm 115:3)

Thus, what is His plan for America? Will He appoint righteous leaders to acknowledge His approval of a God-fearing America. Or will He appoint the unrighteous to effect national judgement upon the evils of today’s America? Only time will tell.

So, I trust you will enjoy yet another dream world mystery, a fictional mystery so vast that in real life it could possibly span the world. If allowed to continue, it could destroy our freedom. It's a mystery that moved through time upward to today, and whose results, if allowed, have the possibly of directing and turning the path of freedom to that of a progressive state of mind. A mystery so strong, that if allowed to continue could have moved beyond America’s freedom contemplation, turning the hearts of mankind from truthful reality to deceptive fiction. And if allowed to continue, it would turn the future of free America’s divinely directed path of freedom into an eternity of false bliss. Thus, I had such a dream of sorts. But why and for what cause? Here it is “The Banished Truth.”

Needing a bit of much-deserved peace and quiet, I decided to get away for a while. As I moved on out into the country side, needing to find a much-needed resting place, I happened to come up on a well-placed large rock to sit on. My rest suddenly without warning turned into my dream world.

I saw a strange, unknown guest, who started it all. He put his back pack down and came over and sat down. There was silence for what seemed like an eternity, then he began to speak with a sense of authority and a sincerity that gave me the confidence to trust him, even though we had never met. After exchanging idle conversation for a bit, he then grabbed his backpack, and walked slowly into the shadows, quickly vanishing as he walked along.

However, on the rock where he had been sitting was an old wrinkled parchment. It was a map, of sorts, with a corresponding one line note of instructions reading, 'This map will lead to America’s bliss. It will make known America’s blameful truth.' Kind of strange, this note, I felt, but there was no time to ponder.

My dream continued. As I picked up this mysterious note, I was instantly transferred to parts unknown. I gazed around on spectacular scenery, like nothing I had ever seen, a real-life dream in vivid living color.

There were soft clover meadows, lush green rolling hills, deep blue waterways, all seemingly within my reach. A veritable Garden of Eden unfolded before my very eyes. It didn’t last long, this Heaven on earth. All of a sudden, there were many people, all racing down the green grassy hillside.

“What’s up?” I asked.

They answered, “He’s here, our newly elected king. He is to speak, to address us fellow countrymen. Come along with us, will you?”

Being a stranger in an unknown land, I had nothing to lose, so I joined in. Somehow, I gathered as we marched along some were happy, others were not. Soon we were in the capital of a long-forgotten kingdom. The entire community was hard at work making everything ready for his arrival, the kingdom's newly elected king. All were exhibiting a special sense of pride, a profound sense of loyalty.

As if by divine guidance, I was directed to the town square where the serenity of peace quickly changed. There was a man, the center of attraction, in stocks, on full open display.

Who is that dignified, well-dressed, blond-haired statesman, clutching a large copy of the kingdom's Constitution to his chest? He sat there wrapped in the chains of punishment. 'What has he done to be put on public display?' I silently wondered.

Coming through the crowd was the kingdom’s chief Squire. Looking around, as if he feared to draw attention, he quickly spoke. “That, my dear friend, is our former kingdom monarch who has now been banished from all aspects of kingdom life.”

“What exactly has he done, this seemingly well-polished statesman, if I may ask, to deserve such public embarrassment?” I asked

“I’m very sorry, my good man, I have my orders," he replied. "May I suggest you mingle around the kingdom and see for yourself?”

So I did, much to my surprise. The kingdom residents were willing to talk freely and spoke very well of this former king. One rather outspoken senior gentleman even went so far as to say, the former king was banished for telling the truth.

According to rumor, he had done more for the kingdom than any other king in history. He was the odds-on favorite to repeat as king, but by some unreasonable turn of events the current king won out over him, and was imposed on the kingdom.

What was so weird about this election was, as I discovered in my visiting around, wasn’t a single kingdom resident who admitted to voting for the present king, causing me to catch a certain perception of anger and bitterness toward the current king.

Looking round, I couldn’t help but judge for myself, based on what I observed. The price of chariot operating necessaries had almost tripled. Food for the family had skyrocketed. Employment was almost non-existent, proving my original assessment of the underlining cause of panic.

Then something happened, as was expected. The new kingdom monarch arrived in the town square. I understand this was the new king's long overdue first speech to his people. Approaching the center of the court square, he seemed to be a little unnerved, as he stumbled down the street.

“Where are all the new monarch’s people?” I silently wondered.

He seemed a little unsure of himself, and the display of his anxiety caused him to appear nervous and troubled. This demeanor was partly resolved when his handler presented him with a scroll. Nonetheless, he had somewhat of a problem reading the message written on the scroll. This caused me to wonder how this newly-elected monarch would be able to rule this great prosperous kingdom.

Following the new monarch’s brief, halting speech, he was quickly whisked away under palace guard, much to the surprise of the few onlookers. He was then followed by an apologetic Gallant Squire’s short, meaningless press release, giving an official Kingdom assessment of the new regime policy, to the sound of a few boos and thumbs-down gestures.

“Hear ye, hear ye," he announced, "the kingdom’s back, the old is no longer, for the new progressive monarchy has taken over and is now in charge! The former kingdom laws are now abolished. Peace at last. As the news from the castle develops you will now hear all about it firsthand. No more secrets. No more political fiction untruths.”

To enforce this Squire’s declaration, he had the chief palace guard burn the kingdom's official Constitution, again to the uneasy boos of the few attendees.

However, the Squire was not able to finish, being quickly carried off to the castle under the protection of castle guards, due to a sudden influx of sign toting protestors.

“Was this the beginning of the end of this new monarch's reign?” I quietly thought to myself.

Then it happened, the kingdom scene changed in a flash. The former deposed king was suddenly broken loose from his chains and disappeared in a mysterious cloud of pure white smoke. Where did he go? Will he be back? Will this kingdom return to the normalcy of its roots? Well, I have my own opinion, but you be the judge.

Singing and joyful music quickly erupted throughout the kingdom as a result of their former king’s miraculous escape. The palace guard, and even the Gallant Squire joined in. The victory street candles were once again all lit up. A celebration seemed to be in order.

Well, as usual, my dream suddenly came to an abrupt ending. What exactly happened to this imposed monarchy reign? Just where did the former king go? It all remains a mystery to this very day. The dream was over, I was back.


I trust you enjoyed his bit of fiction musing. I realize it's hard out there. Sometimes it just feels like life has you by the proverbial nape of the neck, and won’t let go. No matter what comes your way; anxiety, fear, confusion, temptation, and the like, you still have a choice as to how to respond. Yours is the choice of defeat or victory. (Romans 8:37)

Today’s mindset would prefer your choice to be the former and have you submitted to today’s societal control. I trust you will consider the latter, by living a life of spiritual victory. (1 Corinthians 15:57)

What about it, Gentle Reader? How was the way you heard it, the gist behind this fiction parable? Anyway, that’s the way I heard it, felt it, see it, and wrote it. Amen!

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