The Church Has To Become ONE!

by Richard Allen Kent
(Sullivan, Indiana, USA)

Priority…. What in our lives do we feel is priority? Each of us has different life styles and manners of living, but if we are a unified body (The body of Christ) what would be our priority as a whole. If we as the church were to sit at the round table and discuss what would be held in highest priority what would our list contain?

Leaving out personal feelings, emotions, or outside opinions and basing each line on biblical facts, would we as the body be able to follow such a list? Would the cares of this world and outside pressures blindfold those in leadership in the name of compromise? Wouldn’t compromising God’s Word be sin?

In the years of ministry experience I have been blessed with, I have seen what would be great outreaches for the Lord, turn into nothing more than buildings of entertainment, where the people of God that were once full of passion, through the word compromise, are now full of self glory.

What started with great intentions, ended up with
no direction and ultimately failure. When we as the body of Christ begin to allow God’s word to be compromised, we slowly are removing God from the
equation all together...Amen. We begin to place man’s thoughts and emotions ahead of God’s order, and thus replace an unbreakable chain, with many weak links.

I have heard literally hundreds say “yes, we need to do that” but years later it still is not seen. I pose the question “why?” Taking a quote from another Sylvester Stallone movie, Rocky’s
original trainer having just passed on, and needing to train for yet another fight and being down, told his current trainer” Lets do it tomorrow.”

Rocky was told this short but powerful and
true quote that fits so well with the church too. He said “There is no tomorrow!” “There is no tomorrow!” How many in our churches have put things off till tomorrow and tomorrow turned out to be years later?

There are times when things in priority have to be done now. They absolutely will not wait or we compromise the spiritual and possibly physical lives of those God sends to us in the church.

If we drive down our local streets, how many churches and ministries can you count? Now let us ask ourselves how many in those churches do each of us know? Do we not know each other due to
simply denominational titles? Perhaps it is because we are put together as several family units rather than one unit in one accord?

What would happen if all those families united in a single voice? What if that unified voice wasn’t afraid to stand, and did today what needed to be done? Consider it for a second. If all those people were to stand on the court house square. It would rattle the windows for blocks. How many windows have the church rattled lately?

The church is to be a symbol of strength, and stability. A voice that is respected and considered in all matters. A voice of truth, and good direction. A voice that can be trusted
without fail and its only purpose is to serve the people and lift up the name of Jesus.

Does this describe our churches today? For the church to have any serious influence in our country we must find a way to unite. Under the title “Christian” there must only be one doctrine, and one truth, and without divisions. The Church has to become ONE.

Comments for The Church Has To Become ONE!

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Nov 01, 2016
by: Pastor Tommy

Let us not just comment, let's begin serious dialogue, one with another. My church and another have already became one and I might say we are in the incubation phase. Please contact me as I could not agree more.

Pastor Tommy

Aug 27, 2015
by: Al

Yes we do need to become one as Jesus prayed in John 17:20-23 "so that the world will know". We want to evangelize the world? then we need to be obedient to God's word and will, it might even cost less $$$

Dec 08, 2012
indeeed by brigid
by: Anonymous

I am totally with your belief. The body must become one to function as it should. Can the arm function without the eye? Not very well. We need each other. One we need to become. But how?

We will die as a Christian culture. We will set war against our own. How sad this must be to our Father in heaven.

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