I’m reminded of the often-used phrase “As Washington goes, so goes the world.” If this old pretentious saying bears any resemblance to today’s world, what may this grand old historic city of Washington be in for when changed into a city-state?

So, I ask you, how may a city become a state, and not just any city, but Washington DC, America’s historic national capitol? Oh, I know, it’s just a matter of getting enough of our Congress to go along with such a dubious party-political power grabbing scheme.

Yes, I’m very much concerned about this great country of ours and all the historic attractions and surroundings that this great city of Washington affords the general public. Having lived well past my allotted 70 or 80 years (Psalm 90-10), and now being older than dirt and twice as gritty, I thought maybe I’ve seen it all, until recently. A city becoming a state? Especially the well-established capitol of this great country of ours.

Now, for a little personal common-sense musing. Now take off that party-political cap with all the trimmings, and just for a moment put your down-to-earth patriot logical thinking caps on.

Each state has a designed capitol city within the state, the hub of all government and law. In the case of the city of Washington D.C. already being a city and a capitol of the United States, how might the city of Washington be both a city and a state?

What about the logistics of it all? Consider the numerous federal structures that house the assemblies of our nation’s government. Will these structures be turned into a dual purpose of city and state?

What about the countless tourists this historic city draws? Will certain party-political factions controlling the power hamper a certain faction of America’s public from visiting these historic attractions?

So, again I ask how can this happen here in America? Why would it happen to America’s great capitol where all political parties do business within the established historic facilities of government and law that it would be transformed to a mere city?

Why would a city, our nation’s capital, want to become a state? Who would become the mayor and who would become the governor? Would there be a city council or a state congress of sorts? Where would the congress and senate hold office and do the country's business? Where would the city do likewise?

Can a city have a city name and a similar state name? What a change that would be! Not to mention all the federal historic tourism attractions, visited each year by thousands of tourists.

And too, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for the newly founded a city and state to both share the capital complex. Where would be the locations for all the state representatives and Senators to hold office and do business?

Enough personal musing. Are you as confused as I am? Has our country's congress even thought through such chaos an official move such as this would bring about? I just don’t think time alone would correct this confusion.

Now, to the meat of the problem. It seems as if America has now become the stronghold of a diabolical progressive faction. (Ephesians 6:12) It seems we are now living close to the end of civilization as we know it to be and is spoken of in the Holy Scripture. (II Timothy 3:1-9,13) (II Timothy 4:3-4)

The following quote is credited to Dr. David Jeremiah. ”As I wake up and scan today’s headlines, I am often tempted to think, 'Toto, we’re not in America anymore.' I’m exaggerating of course, but when I look at the changes that have occurred in the land that I love - and in the Church I love even more - just in my lifetime, I have to pinch myself to see if it’s a dream gone bad.”

And in his bestselling book, Dr. Jeremiah continues to examine the signs of the decline of Western civilization. These trends and events include:

“Marriage becoming obsolete. The Bible marginalized. Spiritual warfare intensifying. An ancient nation intimidating the modern world. America turning its back on Israel. Atheists virulently attacking religion. And now, might we add fraudulent, deceptive party politics to the mix?”

So, is evil raising its ugly head over Washington D.C.? No doubt, the demographics of this particular city could probably only benefit one faction of America’s political environment.

Oops, more personal musing, please forgive. Where would this type of madness stop in this great national of ours? Could California be split into two distinct different states, its separate populations favoring one particular political faction over the other, for political gain?

Would New York City, being the largest city of our Republic, be split off into statehood for political gain?

Could Disney Land be brought to become an official state, as we have no official state of amusement entertainment?

I know, it’s a far-fetched idea here, in bringing home a must-needed point. Like many other fellow Americans, however, I plea, and pray, for America, this land of the free and the home of the brave, to return to some sense of logical sanity.

Now for the story of it all, entitled The City- State, A Controlled Chaos.” I trust you will enjoy this my musing.

There I was, another of my sudden uncontrollable dreams. I’ve been having a lot of them lately; a real chaotic basket full of dreams. This too, a dream of dreams like none other. I was suddenly lifted up from my bed virtually floating high within the atmosphere above a large metropolitan city. I know this ancient city well, but why me and why am I here?

As I landed, I found myself setting down in the midst of a large, crowded tour bus filled to capacity with jubilant tourists. The lot of them were really enjoying themselves as we moved through the city.

It was a most unusual tour, as the bus driver was well versed in the various iconic structures. One by one the popular historic tourist sites were announced by the tour guide giving a brief history as we slowly drove by.

One was a large slender white marble monument reaching upwards to the sky. Another had a distinguished dome. Another was a large mall surrounding a pool of water. Yet another however, was somewhat unusual. The structure was a large white-columned mansion surrounded by fencing, barricades, and posted guards.

Next in line we visited a rather strange sight, a large complex full of activity. It appeared to be the center of all legal activity in this great city. I remember a big white statue of everybody’s hero seated there, hands resting on the arms of the big chair. He seemed to be guarding the country’s legal activity.

What was so unusual was none of these age-old tourist attractions seemed to be occupied. I vaguely remember them to all be empty of tourism activity, which was rather strange for a city of such history.

All of a sudden, our tour bus was forced to come to a screeching halt as the peaceful scene of this old historic city quickly changed. There was a mob of people, many of them totally out of hand. A controlled chaos was in the making, as the police seemed to be taken by surprise. Disorder, bedlam and total confusion reigned. Property was being destroyed, bonfires were burning Bibles and the American flag to the tune of profanity, the likes of which I had never known.

Conversely, this ungodly activity triggered our tour guide to silence, along with all on board our tour bus. Apparently, the tour guide had become accustomed to such an array of activity being a part of his tour schedule.

However, after gaining his composure, he continued to describe the newly formed city-state government. He then went on to speak of the new headquarters of the recently enacted city-state.

Moving on, the tour guide continued his duty, but without his previous jovial demeanor. “Here’s the newly-built state complex. This city was voted into a state by our country's last leadership . Unfortunately, these leaders didn’t stay around to see the disastrous effects they created as they were all voted out of office.”

“This newly-formed statehood has not been very well accepted, as you can see by the ongoing conflict. This action by our government, has all but destroyed this great historic city,” he went on.

When asked why all the chaos, our tour guide stated that the state's senate was in session and this was why the crowd had suddenly gathered, blocking all traffic. It was total disorganized chaos.

All of a sudden, just like it all started, I was quickly awakened. My dream ending somewhat. I found myself lying in bed in front of a television news bulletin. The announcement came that efforts of this great city, apparently of my dream, to become a state had just been rejected by the country ruling powers.

All I could do was turn over in my tears and began an earnest prayer. Yes, our God is still in charge and in control of it all, including our great county America, the land of the free, the home of the brave. Amen! (Daniel 2:19-23)


I trust you enjoyed this little parable, that of an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Please remember to pray for America and all its leadership. Amen!

I remember Washington DC well, as I spent the third grade there. What a schooling it was, way back when! I remember the teacher gathering us young ones in a semi-circle and reading to us. I remember the teacher, for some unknown reason, telling us that in the South we grew cotton and corn. And when it rained, school was let out at 1:30 pm, on what was labeled a rainy day schedule because of the traffic congestion.

Once Mom took me on a day outing to visit the various historic attractions throughout the city. But we got lost and never got to see any. The transit system was color coded and we spent the day lost in the transfers. Yes, we got home, shortly before dark. Amen!

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