by Rev. Howard Rosen, Jr
(Dillwyn, VA)

Rev. Howard Rosen, Jr

Pleasant Grove Baptist

Ephesians 6:10-12; I John 2:15-17 – Spiritual Warfare

Last week we looked at the armor of God and talked about the importance of putting on the armor to protect us in this battle, and noticing that every piece of this armor was the putting on of Jesus Christ. Before that we saw the importance of being fervent in the prayer closet to stand in the gap for this nation and our families and its church, and a few weeks ago we looked at the idea of being prepared for the battle that we are in or we would be defeated as was the case with General Custer.

But my friends the biggest problem in all of this is the fact that we forget that the enemy we face it real and he brings real destruction to all that are under his power.

In fact this whole chapter of Ephesians is warning us and giving instructions on this very thing; instructions to the children, to the parents, to servants and to the church, and warning us all of the power that we face from our enemy, but thanks be to God we also are told that there is no power greater than God and we must stand in the power of His might if we are to have the victory in this life. But let’s look at the devices of this very real enemy this morning and be alerted to his ways.

First we need to know something about the enemy in order to recognize who he is.
Remember he used to be in heaven; but was thrown out because he wanted to take over the throne of God; Isaiah 14. Well that goal is still his number goal. Satan wants to be a king so for know he is the king of this world and is constantly working to bring people into his kingdom by influencing the way people think.

This is why the Bible says, Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. I John 2:15.

The Bible refers to the world three different ways. The Material world. Psa. 90:2 the earth God created, yet it has been cursed. The Mortal world the one that John 3:16 is speaking of as the human race, also created by God, but cursed with sin. The Malicious world the one that James warns us of its friendship being spiritual adultery. This is a way of thinking that we are told to be transformed from in Romans 12:1-2.

The world looks exciting and attractive.
The world wants your undivided attention.
The world is always saying look at me, try me, buy me, watch me, experience me, wear me, taste me, drive me and it never stops. Why because Satan uses his system of the world to lure people into his trap of devices.

Remember this was the attack from the beginning. Eve was ready and willing to sin when she started to look at things through a worldly view. Pride of life!

Oh, my friends how we could gain so much for the cause of Jesus Christ if we would understand this simple truth and keep it in mind. The way of the world will never give lasting joy, it cannot satisfy our needs, and only making Jesus your King will give us the power over the world.
Let’s take a closer look at

some of his ways. Turn to I John 2:15-17

I. ALLURING APPETITE – The lust of the flesh.

1. Our Evil Desire – We all have them and we have learned to satisfy them. We even have a cute motto to help us accept it . . . If it feels good do it. I am not hurting anyone. I am free!

2. Our God Gives Warning – In Romans 13:14, But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lust thereof. The Lord knows our battle and has given us His Word and place the Holy Spirit in our heart to keep us from the power of the flesh but it will do no good unless we use it.

3. Our King is Jesus Christ – Sin does not have to be the ruling power in our life. We need to see the work of the enemy and stop letting him take over the place of king that rightly belongs to Jesus we are brought for a price. Gal. 2:20& Romans 6:1-2 What shall we say then . . .

II. ATTRACTIVE AMUSEMENT – The lust of the eyes.

1. The Things We See – Satan uses attractive amusing things that can be seen with our eyes. They entice us and draw us because they are appealing to the flesh. Our eyes do have an appetite and the king of this world knows it. I am sure you have heard feast your eyes on this! What we see determines what we think it will feed lust envy, greed and as Christians we need to be diligent to guard against the attractive amusement that Satan puts before our eyes.

2. The Things We Hear – Do we forget that the Word of God is learned by hearing? Do we also forget that Satan knows this? That is why there is so much to draw us away from the voice of God. We must have a balance, and be careful of what we listen to. I love music but I can’t listen to all things. Why? Because it will stick in my mind. We need to be aware that we are surrounded by the powers and principalities designed by Satan to influence and control our mind.

3. The Things We Miss – Remember friends Satan is not going to come into your home as a roaring lion showing his teeth and tell you that he is here to lie, blind, and deceive you and your children so that they will be destroyed and make them harlots and addicts . . .Oh no he is smarter than that . . . But are we? We should be and by the power of God we can be.

III. ARROGANT ATTITUDE – The pride of life.

1. What is Pride – The empty display of life. Thinking more highly our self then we ought to. Boasting about your lifestyle, living to impress others. Always looking for bigger better just for the sake of showing off.

2. What is the Lie – Satan tells us that we can trust our accomplishments, our talents, our education, and possessions to satisfy the longing of the heart. But they will never fill a heart that is empty.

3. What is the Answer – Only the power of God can give everlasting fullness that we need. Only making Jesus our King can allow us to take our focus off our self and trust God for eternal benefits.

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