The Greatest Ministry #1

by Loy Clements
(Springhill, LA. 71075)

Text: 2 Corinthians 12:28

Introduction: We may go to church every time the doors are open; but when we see God using the gifts in people's lives of Pastors, Missionaries, Teachers,and Evangelists, are we jealous? Do we sometimes feel like our lives are empty and small compared to theirs.

I want to exhort you today with a foundation you can build your life upon that will satisfy your spirit's hunger to live the exciting life of ministry.

This exhortation comes in these few words: "Ministry of helps, the greatest ministry of all!" The word helps means relief. The ministry of helps is so big, it will take the rest of your life to find out everything it covers.

So all I can do is try and give you a foundation to build your life of helps upon.

I. Christ Jesus is the foundation of helps.

1 Corinthians 11:1 "Follow me as I follow Christ"

My brother-in-law Don and his grandson A.J. go on what they call a snake hunt. It is nothing but going to the pond on A.J.'s dads land and killing the snakes that hang around the water.

A.J. is learning to follow Don; as Don follows Christ! There is more going on than just killing snakes. Folks driving down the road do not really know what is taking place at the pond. Don is training A.J. in the way that he should go as a Christian man.

But, some may say A.J. is just a young boy. Yes, but it is what he is taught by those that have an influence in his life that determines what kind of a man he will turn out to be. There is an old saying that goes like this, "be sure you have all the right ingredients in your cake before you put it into the oven."

Don is puttiing the right ingredients into A.J.'s heart that will produce the cake of a Godly man. Thus, "when he grows old A.J. will not depart from the lessons Don has taught him about being a Godly man; while he was just a child."

When we are first born-again we are new babies in Christ, so we need mature believers to plant the seed of faith in our hearts through the means of trainig us up in the ways we are to go. God puts people into our lives to train us. Be open to their training and follow where the training is leadings.

Police, firemen, and soldiers say that when a situation happens and they don't know what to do, they simply return to their training. Their training will take over and many times save their lives. My suggestion is to let God's ministry of helps train you; when you're in trouble and don't know what to do. Simply return to your training!

II. We take up our cross and follow Jesus

for ourselves.

Now this is where things can get sticky, and this position takes a determined mindset.

John 21:15-22 "If you love me feed my sheep."

This word "feed" means to take care of: I watched as my mom took care of my dad while he lay dying. She went without sleep, exhausted she found within herself power to continue ministering to him. She bathed him, she fed him, she took him to the bathroom, she did everything he couldn't do for himself.

If you really need a picture of helps, then watch someone's life that is caring for a dying mate. There you have just seen the Love of God in action. Growing up there were times when I saw my dad say mean, and cruel things to my mom, but she loved him anyway.

On his death bed my dad for the first time in all the years they were married said to my mom, "I love you." This is what helps will accomplish for you and me. The voice of love that has been silenced for a lifetime will be heard in the halls of God's Throne Room.

We as helps ministers may not become rich in the things of this world; but we will be rich in folks that love us! Take up your cross of helps, you will never be sorry you did!

III. Growing in the grace of giving also.

2 Corinthians chapter 8 and 9; Luke 6

Living the life of love.

Conclusion: There is a world of hurting folks and Satan has blinded their minds to the gospel. Their whole life they have believed the lies he has told them. They need to know the truth. Billions today are on the broad pathway that leads to hell. What are you and I doing to stop this mass destruction?

I am sick and tired of seeing folks go to church on Sunday, standing aside and watching their neighbors go to hell on Monday.

I am tired of watching millions of babies being murdered in their mothers wombs; because their moms believed a lie.

I am tired of seeing the gambling mills prosper, while families fall apart, so our cities can collect more taxes from the gangsters that run the gambling industry.

I am tired of backroom politics that is a cancer that destroys nations.

I may not be able to cure all of men's needs; but Bless God I can join with other Christians and help put a stop to it. The world isn't going to do anything about what is wrong. They are not suppose to; for they are the children of the devil. We're the only hope for mankind!

Christians should be united not in a religion but as the family of God obeying the Lord's commission of going into all the world preaching the gospel in Jesus' name! They need our help.

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Feb 19, 2009
Simply return to your training!
by: Michael Elder

I really like this sermon! I especially like the part about the policemen, firemen, and soldiers saying that they return to their training in certain situations. We, as soldiers for Christ, must apply our training when we encounter uncharted territory.

Best way to train? Study!

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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