by Rev. Howard Rosen, Jr
(Dillwyn, VA)

Pleasant Grove Baptist

Luke 1:26-56 – As we take a look at these verses that introduce the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ we can not miss the excitement of these women as they share in the unveiling of the most amazing events that man has ever seen.

Yes they had found favor with God and that favor was what we know now as the introduction of God’s grace, and their joy was the great, the joy of knowing that grace was coming into the world, even the baby in their womb knew of the joy of this coming grace as the child leaped in the womb of Elisabeth at the sound of Mary’s voice.

My friends we sometimes forget the excitement of this grace given to us by the birth of Jesus Christ the joy that He brought to this world the completion of the saving grace of God because He sent His Son to be our sin.

We also miss the fact that these women were filled with joy even in diverse circumstances. So let’s pay close attention to the joy we see here and see how it will help us today.


1. She Had Been Redeemed – V46-47, She says my soul doth magnify the Lord, and her spirit rejoiced in God my Saviour. She is praising God for the salvation she possesses. Oh, how we need this kind of joy, knowing that no mater what we may be going through we still have the promise of God’s grace and the peace of everlasting life in our heart.

2. She Has Been Regarded – V48, She is saying that she is rejoicing in the fact that even

in her lowly state God has brought grace into her life. Oh how we need the same joy knowing that we have been given the unmerited love and grace of God.

3. She Has Been Rewarded – V49, Mary knows that God is doing something wonderful through her life. We are all saved to do great things in the name of our Lord. She was looking to the coming of grace and seeing her part in this message from God. Even as we should see our part in carrying this message to the world.


1. The Permanence Of His Grace –V50, Mary has a clear out look on the importance of God’s grace working in all the generations to come, and my friends we must not forget that this wonderful grace is still working in us and those around us.

2. The Performance Of His Grace – V51-52, Mary has joy because God’s grace has come to all, not just for some elite group but to whosoever will! This amazing grace is still performing the same way today.

3. The Promise Of His Grace – V53, Mary reminds those that are hungry how they can come to the Lord and be filled. This promise is still for us today!


1. God Remembers His Promise – V54, The promise God had made to the Jews to send a Messiah had now been fulfilled, yes the promise of coming grace has been delivered to us beloved!

2. God Remembers His People – V55, Mary has joy in the fact that the Lord hasn’t forgotten His people. We are the people of God; let us rejoice in His grace!

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