by Charles Robey
(Trussville, AL USA)

Here’s a question for you that seems to be on everyone minds these days. What is this “mark of the beast”, foretold in the book of Revelation ? The main passage in the Bible that mentions the “mark of the beast” is (Revelation 13:15-18). Other references can be found in (Revelation 14:9, 11) (Revelation 15:2) (Revelation 16:2) Revelation19:20) and (Revelation 20:4).

This mark acts as a seal for the followers of Antichrist and the false prophet (the spokesperson for the Antichrist). The false prophet (the second beast) is the one who causes people to take this mark. The mark is literally placed in the hand or forehead and is not simply a card someone carries.

We can only surmise, as to what this mark may be. However, the Bible does give us a clue as (Rev 13:18) tells us it is the number of a man. And in (Revelation 15:2), we see it to be the number of his name. Different from most other prophecies, somehow this prophecy is unknown to us, but this number will play an important part in the identification of the antichrist in a future day.

We do know, however, this mark of the beast will be something given only to those who worship the antichrist as the mark of the beast will be an end-times identification required by the antichrist in order to buy or sell, and to actually live. Only when the antichrist is revealed (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4), it will be clear who he is and how the number 666 identifies him.

The principle behind this "mark of the beast" numbering system could actually refer to "Holy" verses "Unholy". This mark, the numbers 666, could conceivable represent the imperfection of man, by means of an end time unholy trinity, in direct contrast to God's Holy Trinity.

GOD'S TRINITY- Father God, Number 7- The Son Jesus, Number 7- Holy Spirit, Number 7
Satan, Number 6,- The antichrist, Number 6- False Prophet, Number 6

In the scripture seven is God’s number of completeness, as opposed to six being the number of human incompleteness. Yet, we may never know the true code of the mark until we get to heaven. We do know, however, that on our own, we are incomplete and we fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).

So, let me just throw another log on the fire of speculation. What if the ” Mark of the Beast” was actually a certain code monitored or received through the internet ? Or, in fact was the internet ? You see, the mark on or in the forehead would represents the mind, which would be in direct conflict to God's law (Hebrews 10:16). And the mark on or in the hand would symbol work (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

To understand the internet, one needs have a certain mental intellect, and be able to work the internet computer key board, both of which requires the head and hand. This is where the coded symbol would come into play, as a computer pass word. If one then refused to have this symbol placed on the forehead or hand, it would be impossible to scan the internet, which would be the only way to buy, sell or simply exist, using today's modern day technology scanners, which are used in some form to verify all retail transaction.

And with the increase of RFID technologies, it is now possible that the internet technology we are seeing today could represent the beginning stages of what may eventually be used as the mark of the beast. All merchandise now is identified with a RFID (radio-frequency identification) label or the QR (Quick Response (QR) Code for electronic tracking. And our smart phones can read this QR Code.

Starting in 2013, the federal government's Utah Data Center (UDC) was nearly in full operation. This is a $2 billion complex with one hundred thousand square feet of computer space. All of the Global Information Grid will be routed through the UDC with computers that can store Yottabytes (1,024 bytes). Everything that is digitalized about you will be stored there, down to parking tickets. Nothing will be left out.( Taken from an internet article in "Beast Tech" by John McTernan )

Due to this type modern day technology, our retail activity could be monitored worldwide, at one central monitoring station. The beast's cohorts could sit in a monitoring station in the middle east and monitor all retail activity around the globe, through the internet.

Many good expositors of Revelation differ widely as to the exact nature of the mark of the beast. Besides the implanted chip view, other speculations include an ID card, a microchip, a barcode that is tattooed into the skin, or simply a mark that identifies someone as being faithful to the antichrist's kingdom. This last view requires the least speculation, since it does not add any more information to what the Bible gives us. In other words, any of these things are possible, but at the same time they are all speculations. We should not spend a lot of time speculating on the precise details.

In (Revelation 14:9-12), the angel, who brings the message about the mark of the beast, speaks with a loud voice. Also, in (Revelation 14: 9), this message is too important to treat as ordinary. It's a life-or-death issue. Jesus says His sheep, or people, will follow Him when He calls them. (John 10:16, 27). The internet was once heralded as having a loud voice.

Did God predict this world wide marking system in scripture ? Yes ! In describing the antichrist, God predicted that the antichrist would think to change times and laws (Daniel 7:25). This could easily be done worldwide, through the internet broadcast system, brought about by a cashless society.

We realize that battle between Satan and God is just ahead, and it is described in the book of Revelation. This book points out that God has an emblem, or mark, which will identify His people. Satan also has an emblem, or mark, that will identify those who support him. As usual, Satan will work through an earthly power, who will be a false religious leader, to symbolize the power and impose the mark. And what better method, or technology, could he (Satan) use other than the internet.

The internet may not be the means to the end, with respect to the "mark of the beast" concept. It's just a thought. Yes, it's quite conceivable that Satan would use the internet, to increase his dominance of the current world system (Ephesians 6:12). What do you think ?


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Sep 06, 2018
it has been know since the 1990's
by: Vacheslav

Saint Gabriel Urgebadze, our contemporary, recently canonized, had a prophecy about the end times, I tried duckducking him in English but there was scarce information about him in this regard. I found it in Russian and translated it. In short, the mark of the beast is going to be an RFID under the skin either in the forehead or on the right thumb to be exact. At such times, it is better not to look at the skies since you could be seduced by the signs and wonders and follow the antichrist. He emphasized that those who have faith in their intellect will follow the antichrist, while those with faith in the heart will remain faithful. What stunned me most in his prophecy is that his followers are going to get shamelessly naked and do sodomized orgies in the streets. A Christian would be known for his well-dressed clothes. He advises running to the forests or mountains in groups 10 to 15 so that the reprobates won't be able to throw you off alone of a cliff. Be careful, you have been advised!

Apr 08, 2018
by: Anonymous

WIFI ROAMS----Negative energy that devours---has an ID #. I-WATCH is the new gadget for the wrist. WIFI waves are very dangerous---Google WIFI RADIATION---Just ideas to ponder on..

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