If you have been keeping abreast with respect to the newly elected little king fiction blogs, you probably will remember he has developed many newly enacted executive orders within his office and his kingdom. As far as his kingdom’s subjects are concerned, his directives have not set well with them.

Nevertheless, as portrayed within the blogs, he continued with his disconnected attitude as he continued his downhill push of power. His famous quote with respect to his new orders I’ll never forget is,”You sports fans need to accept it: skiing is going downhill.”

They say lots of truth is given in jest. Is this now the trademark of this newly elected king? Well, for lack of having a clear understanding of his actions, I went straight to Professor Google for an explanation.

“The saying 'many a truth is said in jest' means that just because someone says something funny, doesn’t mean that it isn’t also true. Sometimes people joke in order to gently let someone know an unpleasant fact about that person.” (Internet)

Oh well, I’ll leave it up to you the reader. I trust you will enjoy this fiction parable, an earthly story with a heavenly meaning, as you read The Movie Star King.

“It is an abomination for kings to commit wicked acts, for a throne is established on righteousness.” (Proverbs 16:12)

I had arrived back home from another grueling semester at our little Bible seminary. The summer break could not have come at a better time. I was plum tuckered out. Taking off my shoes, it was all I could muster to flop down in my man cave recliner. If only I could have persuaded our college administration to consider my promotion to Dean of Early Church History, I think my summer would have been quite a bit smoother. Oh well, maybe next time.

Then it happened, as I sat bak and relaxed, I found myself again out like a light. It was another life-like dream. I’ve been having them more frequently lately.

My dream adventure brought me as if by divine design into a world of make-believe. I found myself in the middle of yesteryear. It was the most incredible scene setting, nestled on a grass-covered hillside surrounded by many quaint cottages, their multi-colored roofs gleaming in the morning sunlight.

In the middle of it all, the kingdom's focal point was a most elaborate castle with protective moat and drawbridge that was the kingdom’s most recognized tourist attraction. This ornate castle however, appeared different: it was completely deserted. There were no people by the moat, on the bridge nor on its grounds. 'Where are all the people?” I wondered.

No time for an answer, for a man had entered my vison, again as if by divine design. Dressed every bit the part of a medieval nobleman, he began to speak. I found his old English speech haunting.

”May I ask who you are and just where did you come from, my dear nobleman?” I asked.

Not giving a reply, he took my hand and away we went into the attractive castle. We hurriedly started down the big hall. I guessed that we were headed straight for the king’s imposing throne room.

'I’ll finally get to see this newly elected king,' I thought.

Not so, because the guard had blocked the throne room's large, ornate door. I did however get a short glimpse of the inside by looking between the guards. It was just as I had envisioned, except for the big, plush couch in the corner. I thought this was kind of odd for an throne room.

To my wonderment we kept walking down the hall to the elevator, which we took down to the nether regions of the castle. I was escorted down a short hall to the castle’s underground bunker. I saw what was astonished to see a full-fledged movie set, a mockup of the throne room, complete with the normal movie set equipment.

On the center stage was an official replica of the king’s ornate throne with the kingdom's official seal mounted to it. The background was filled with an array of the kingdom's official flags. Situated out of camera-shot on both sides of the throne were two very large teleprompters.

Also carefully off-camera and surrounding the room were several support sections, such as a makeup station, several communication tables with laptop computers, earplugs, microphones and small speakers, TV monitors and another section that was a fully furnished first aid station.

Directly in front of the king's raised throne was a staged area of real-looking press corps mannequins. Directly in front, hidden from view of the mannequins were a few empty press corps seats reserved for a preselected group of reporters.

After taking it all in, I couldn’t believe my eyes. 'What would this king's populace think if they could see this movie set?' I thought.

“Please Sir, you seem to be in the know, please tell me what this show is all about," I asked loudly above the noise of the set.

There was no response, however, as he jerked me up and off we went towards the palace elevator.

What happened next? Well. I really don’t know. As we walked down the big hall, towards the elevator, my strange guide disappeared, slowly fading away as we walked.

My dream was over before the final curtain, no pun intended.

I was back home snug as a bug in a rug, sitting there in my recliner as if nothing had happened, leaving me spell-bound as usual.

Where’s my laptop? I must record it all while it's fresh in my memory. This will surely boost my reputation with my college administrators for sure. It’s just what I’ve been waiting for. My promotion is coming, this I know.


I trust you enjoyed yet another in the little king fiction series. Can you relate to its fiction-based narrative? Could this false perception really be pulled off in real life? Could a well-known celebrity, an official political figure, a person of prominent government importance, play out the part of false impression, by fooling the general voting populace in this manner?

I remember seeing the 1993 movie “Dave.” Kevin Kline stars as the title character who must impersonate the president of the United States after the real president suffers a massive heart attack which has left him in a coma. 'Dave' goes for laughs, but also has a great deal of drama which keeps the audience intrigued throughout. I guess anything is possible in this day and time. Kind of makes one wonder.

Oftentimes dreams make for strange bedfellows, especially those of a fiction nature. They say, whomever they are, that our dreams are a result of much of our stimulus during the day: events on the world stage, political events, events within our lives, prophetic events of the past and into our future.

I’m not really sure where my dreams may fit in this configuration. I jot them down as they come to mind. So with this bit of free couch therapy, where do you stand on the issue? If you find yourself in a dream as I do, I humbly encourage you to jot them down, as I did for future reference. Amen!

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