by CharlesRobey
(Trussville AL)

666 The Sign To Avoid.

666 The Sign To Avoid.

(The following article is based on biblical prophecy (2 Peter 1:21) and is intended to be conveyed either as the content or through direct or indirect examination of scripture.

The concept that the message of this article may have different meanings in different contexts, may be closely related to one's knowledge, understanding, and perception, of the scriptures as given in (2 Timothy 3:16).

The prophecy of the "mark of the beast" is one of the most misinterpreted prophecies in all of the Bible, yet one of most importance to all mankind.

The main scripture referencing the “mark of the beast” is (Revelation 13:15-18). Other references can also be found in (Revelation 14:9-11), (Revelation 15:2), (Revelation 16:2), (Revelation 19:20), and (Revelation 20:4).

The "mark of the beast (antichrist) is coming soon, After the rapture of the Christians (1 Cor 15:51-54) (1 Thess 5:2-3) (Revelation 4:1), we will have a seven year tribulation period Daniel (9:24-27). The first three and a half years, the antichrist will claim to be the messiah. He will also appear to be an economic, political and military genius. Then, during the second three and a half years, this antichrist will turn on the Jewish population and set up his thrown in the temple.

It is during this second half of the tribulation (great tribulation)(Matthew 24:21), that the False Prophet, a fake religious leader, will demand that everyone on earth worship the antichrist, the image and receive the mark of the beast (Revelation 13:16-18).

You see, during the second half of the tribulation period (Great Tribulation), people will still need to earn a living. They will need the necessities of life, such as food, clothing, medicine, etc. And if you don't accept the mark of the beast, you will die or be killed (Revelation 14:9-11).

What and how will this "mark of the beast" play out in society ? In times past, this mark would have looked like an impossability. However, with today's technology, it seems to be more of a reality.

First, what is it, this mysterious "666" inscription (Revelation 13:18)? The scripture makes it plain that this number stands for the name of the beast or the number of his name (Revelation 13:17). The scripture is also clear that it will take wisdom to calculate this formula (Revelation 13:18). Somehow, unknown to us, this number will play an important part in the identification of the antichrist in a future day (2 Thess 2:3-4).

In today's technology, could this mark be a microchip, an ID card, a bar code, a QR (quick response) code, a skin patch, or maybe a simple tattoo ? And now, the new VeriChip (microchip) which contains a radio frequency, can be a implanted beneath-the-skin and be read by a scanner. This chip together with a GPS locator system can now be located and certain information given such as a person's financial, medical, and even criminal records. This technology is always being utilized in animals, to trace heredity information. In other words, although this prophecy was given 2000 + years ago, it is only in today's society that a system is in place, to effect this type mark.

Could the antichrist, in mocking God, take a combination of three "6's" representing the unholy trinity of Satan, the antichrist and the false prophet. Thus, the number combination of imperfect man, as opposed to a combination three "7's" representing the perfect completeness of God's Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (Hebrews 10:16).

Another interesting aspect is the Greek language (which was the original written language of the New Testament). You may have noticed certain clocks that use archaic numbers on their faces such as V or X. Most people know that V represents the number 5 and X the number 10. The Greek letters of the alphabet can also represent numbers. So go ahead, calculate this theory, using your proposed antichrist's name.

And have you wondered why this mark will be placed in the right hand or forehead ? The right hand is symbolic of a man's ability to do something that he thinks about. The forehead is symbolic of the brain and mind, where thoughts, good and bad, come from. In other words, our hands do the work and our brain does our thinking

My theory! Whatever this mark may be, it will definitely be mocking God's power, as related in the scripture (Dt 11:18), in a final attempt to reconcile being expelled from heaven (Revelation 12:7-12)(Luke 10:18) (Isaiah 14:12).

Secondly, what does it mean ? This mark will serve as a seal of separation and loyalty for the followers of the antichrist. This mark will also be required in order to buy, sell or conduct any type business. However, if taken, this mark it will seal ones fate of eternal destruction by God (Revelation 14:9-11).

Conversely, those who do not accept this mark will be put to death, by the antichrist's minions. However, those who are converted to Christ, during the tribulation period, and do not yield to the "mark of the beast", will receive a special reward from God (Revelation 15:2-4).

As mentioned, at the beginning of this writing, we Christians will not have to go through this dreadful tribulation period and have the "mark of the beast".

Please Note! If you find yourself at this time period, having missed the Rapture, do not take this mark. You must not take this mark. All who take this mark will be lost to God forever. However, this antichrist and false prophet will never reveal the destination of anyone who accepts this "mark of the beast" (Revelation 14:9-11).

(Please read this article in conjunction with the article entitled "Coming Soon, The Devil's CEO"

Author's Post Script
Remember from Revelation:7: God's servants were sealed on their foreheads. And in Deuteronomy Moses told God's people to 'keep all His statutes and His commandments noting (Dt: 6:2-8). The hand and forehead here represent one's work actions and thoughts respectively, which should be dedicated to obeying God. Also, there is an Old Testament parallel in Ezekiel on which Revelation draws (Ezekiel 9:4).

There is historical evidence that, in the ancient Babylonian culture, slaves 'were identified…by some kind of mark, either tattooed or branded on the face or the back of the hand' (H.W.H. Saggs, The Greatness That Was Babylon , 1962, p. 173). There may be parallels between this ancient practice and what God reveals will happen in the end time.

So, my fellow believers, just keep looking up (Revelation 22:20).

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