by Mark Dada Flomo
(Monrovia, Liberia)

I would not write some of the things I'm sharing with you, except we are living in the last days. God said through the prophet Daniel that people who know their God shall be strong and do exploits in the last days. God also said through Joel and Peter that in the last days He would pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh. We are about to witness the greatest display of God's power that man has ever known. God is looking for people who believe His word.
Some people have memorized the Bible, but they don't live it. Memorization of the Bible, having it in their heads, is not sufficient. The word of God has to become a working thing-working through the born- again Spirit man inside you, even out through your blood system and muscle system. When the word of God begins to work in that way, it becomes part of our being. So we don't just read the Holy Bible like we read a novel or a newspaper and then expect faith to come. (John 15:7).
Some people just pray for faith. I did that for a long time and didn't get anything. Faith does not come by praying for it. God wants each of us to obtain faith through the living word and to do what the word tells us to do. (Romans 10:17).
You keep your faith by maintaining a relationship with God so that you look with the eye that sees the invisible. Anyone can see the visible; you have to see the invisible. Abraham looked for a city with foundations whose builder and maker was God. He saw the invisible. Nobody else could see it.
God wants us to retain the faith we get. Some people are like sieves, you can pour in blessings two or three times a week, but they are always empty. God not only wants us to receive faith, but He also wants us to contain faith. It's not the faith I did have; its the faith I do have.
People of faith get on other people's nerves. A person of faith speaks into being things that are not visible now. It irritates some people because they can't see what you are going to get; and because they can't see it, they didn't want to believe in the power of faith is the ability to see that which does not exist. It is the ability to see that which the natural man cannot see.
But let me make something plain: if it is for selfishness, it won't work. Jesus made no bread for himself; He made loaves for the hungry. He fed at one time five thousand men plus women and children. They gathered up twelve baskets of fragments. Yet we cannot find where He took one bite.
You cannot work in this faith realm with the supernatural by saying, "I'm going to make it for myself." You will miss it. Oh, God will give you plenty. God is a good God! But if you go after it selfishly, you will be working in another domain- another world. Retain your faith by continuing to hear with the ear that hears the inaudible. Nobody hears it except you. To others, it's like thunder. You say, "can't you hear it?" Others say, "I don't hear a thing." Haha... Our natural ear hears our neighbors and friends, but the ear of faith hears what YAHWEH says. It's listening to another world. Faith hears that which a natural man cannot hear. Faith is the power to possess things that are beyond our natural capabilities. Faith is a strength to feel that which the average person cannot feel. When we are ready to move into that kind of world, God is ready to move in there with us to let the strength, power, and force of faith come into being.
I feel more excited, whenever YAHWEH uses someone to correct me or remind me when am going astray or falling.
May the great good LORD JESUS CHRIST continue to guide, lead, protect, provide, and strengthen us to enable us to carry on his mission.

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