The Renewed Mind

by Rev. Charles Bronson
(Jackson, Ms)

Key Verse: ROMANS (12:16)


1. The Christian life is to be a transformed life...

  • One that does not conform to things of this world - Ro 12:2a

  • But seeks to prove (demonstrate) that God's way is better - Ro 12:2b

2. The Christian life requires a renewing of our minds...
  • In which we learn what is God's will - Ro 12:2b

  • In turn making it possible to be transformed - Ro 12:2a

What are some indications of a renewed mind? In Ro 12:16, we find the mind or attitude that is to be found among Christians. Note first that there is to be...


    1. The NKJV reads "Be of the same mind toward one another..."

    2. Literally, "thinking the same thing" - Robertson's Word Pictures

    3. An exhortation frequently commanded of Christians

    • The Christians in Rome - Ro 15:5

    • The Christians in Corinth - 1Co 1:10

    • The Christians in Philippi - Php 1:27; 2:2-3; 3:16; 4:2

    • The Christians in Asia - 1Pe 3:8

    -- As Christians are renewed in mind, they will begin having similar goals, aims, views.


    1. Seek the mind of Christ - cf. Php 2:5

    • Each should strive to develop and emulate the mindset of Christ

    • The more we become like Him, the sooner we become "of the same mind"

    2. Set our minds on things above - cf. Col 3:1-2

    • Each should focus their attention more on spiritual matters

    • Distracted by worldly matters and human opinions, will destroy oneness of mind

    -- Where there is not unity, someone (perhaps everyone) is not setting their mind on Christ and things above!

As we return to our text (Ro 12:16), we find that another indication of "The Renewed Mind" is...


    1. "Do not set your mind on high things" (NKJV); other translations:

    • "Do not be haughty" (RSV)

    • "Do not be too ambitious" (Goodspeed)

    • "Do not aspire to eminence" (Berkley)

    • "Don't become snobbish" (Phillips)

    2. "but associate with the humble" (NKJV); other translations:

    • "but associate with the lowly" (RSV)

    • "but accept humble tasks" (Goodspeed)

    • "but willingly adjust yourselves to humble situations" (Berkley)

    • "but take a real interest in ordinary people" (Phillips)

    -- A renewed mind makes a concerted effort not to be snobbish or ambitious, and is willing to be associated with humble tasks and lowly people.


    1. By taking heed to what we learn from:

    • The attitude of David - Ps 131:1-2

    • The warning to Jeremiah - Jer 45:5

    • The teaching of Jesus - Lk 22:24-27

    2. By noting what we learn from:

    • The example of Jesus - Php 2:5-8

    • The teaching of James - Jm 2:1-5

    -- When one has the mind of Christ, their lowliness of mind will be manifested by the nature of their goals and the company they keep.

Finally, similar to lowliness of mind, "The Renewed Mind" also possesses...


    1. "Do not wise in your own opinion" (NKJV)

    2. Some other translations:

    • "Do not think too highly of yourselves" (Twentieth Century NT)

    • "Do not be conceited" (Goodspeed)

    • "And don't think you know it all!" (Living Bible)

    3. Similar warnings are found elsewhere:

    • Given by Solomon - Pr 3:7; 26:12

    • Lamented by Isaiah - Isa 5:21

    • Cautioned by Paul - 1Co 3:18

    -- A renewed mind will maintain a strong sense of humility, an awareness that one has much to learn from God and others

    1. Hopefully, by listening to the scriptures

    • Such as that found in 1Co 8:2

    • The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God - 1Co 1:20

    • Not many wise are receptive to the gospel - 1Co 1:26

    • God has chosen to confound the arrogant in their wisdom - 1Co 1:27-29

    2. Hopefully, aided by knowledge and experience

    • Often, the more you learn, the more you realize how much you don't know

    • Often, the older you get, the more you realize how little you know

    3. Hopefully, by the example of Christ

    • Who was willing to submit to the will of His Father - Jn 6:38; 5:30

    • Who did not think so highly of Himself that He viewed equality with God something to be exploited - Php 2:6 (cf. NRSV)

    -- Adopting the mind of Christ will go a long way to helping maintain humility about one's self.


1. Such are the qualities of "The Renewed Mind"...
  • Sameness of mind

  • Lowliness of mind

  • Humbleness of mind

2. The more we adopt the mind of Christ, and make it our own...
  • The more we will think the same

  • The less we will be snobbish, and ambitious over the wrong things

  • The more we will associate with the less fortunate

  • The less conceited and arrogant we will be

Such are the qualities of those who have the mind of Christ, and are being transformed by the renewing of their minds. Are we setting our minds on things above, where Christ is (Col 3:1-2)? If we have been raised with Christ (via baptism, Col 2:12), that is our duty!

If we have not yet been raised with Christ, why not today? Render obedience to the gospel in faith, repentance, and baptism, that you might begin to walk in newness of life...! - Ac 2:38; Ro 6:3-4

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