by Rev Charles Bronson
(Jackson Ms)

Key Verse: 2 Kings 2:1-14

Intro: The life of Elijah has been a whirlwind of activity! From the time he stepped out of nowhere to confront the king of Israel, to his adventures of faith at the dry brook and the widow's house, to his great victory on Mount Carmel and to his fall into and restoration from defeat and disuse.

Elijah's life has been tempestuous to say the least! Now, that life is about to end! Verse one of our text makes it clear that God is about to remove the prophet from this earth. He will leave here like he lived here; in a whirlwind!

As Elijah lives out the last days and hours of his life, it is interesting to see how he conducted himself. He did not live like a man who knows his time is short. He actually lives like a man who thinks he has plenty of time. It is this time just before Elijah is taken into heaven that I want to focus in on this morning.

I believe that Elijah sets a great example for those of us who are waiting on that time when we too will leave this world. If we were to be honest this morning, every saved person here would readily admit that they are anxiously awaiting that time when they will be home with the Lord in glory.

But, what are we to be doing here, in the meantime, while we wait? Elijah shows us in this passage! As we read this account, we find there are ways that Elijah spent his time as he waited on the whirlwind. One of these days all of our journeys will be over. Those who are saved will leave this world either by way of the cemetery or by way of the rapture.

Either way, we will leave here in a whirlwind. Swept away into the presence of God. Until that day comes, we must live our lives in a way that is pleasing to the Lord and in a way that honors His will. Elijah shows us how to do just that. Let's look in on Elijah and see the ways he spent his time as we think on the subject, Waiting On The Whirlwind.


  1. For A Precious Event

    According to this verse, Elijah knew the precious truth that he was going to get to go to Heaven without having to pass through death. This was a privilege that had only been enjoyed by one other person in history. Genesis 5:21-24 tells that story of a man named Enoch.

    He was a man who lived for and walked with the Lord. When his time here was over, God simply took Enoch to Heaven, without him having to pass through death! This is the precious event that Elijah was anticipating.

    Ill. By the way, this is something that could happen to you and me! The Bible teaches us that there will be a future event known as the rapture. At that time, the Lord Jesus Christ will return in the clouds above this earth and He will call His people home to Heaven, 1 Thes. 4:13-18.

    This is a precious event that could happen to us at any moment, 1 Cor. 15:51-52, and when it does, we will go to Heaven without having to die to get there. That excites me! I think I'll just repeat the prayer John prayed on Patmos: "Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.", Rev. 22:20.

    Ill. That is the precious event that Elijah was anticipating. If you are saved, you too should be anticipating that event! Jesus is coming and I am certain that His coming is sooner than any of us realizes!

  2. For A Promised Event

    As one reads these verses, it quickly becomes apparent that everyone knew what was coming. The sons of the prophets knew, verses 3, 5, & 7. Elisha knew, verses 2-6. As I have already said, Elijah knew about it. So, this wasn't a secret event! It was something people had heard about and could prepare themselves for.

    Ill. So it is with the return of the Lord Jesus Crist. This is not a thing that has been hidden from men. Jesus predicted it during His life, John 14:3. The New Testament authors predicted it repeatedly. Paul, John and Peter all wrote about it.

    It is something that is well documented on the pages of the Bible. Therefore, there is no excuse for it taking anyone by surprise. There is no excuse for not being ready for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ! If you are saved and your life isn't the kind that you would want Jesus to find were He to return today, then do something about it!

    If you are lost and don't want to be left here for the hell of the Tribulation and the hell of Hell, then do something about it! The door for you to be saved is wide open this morning! If you will come to Jesus, by faith, He will save your soul and prepare you for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ!

  3. For A Private Event

    Even though all these people knew it was coming, no one knew when it would happen! Elijah knew that God was coming for him, but he did not know just when. Therefore, he lived his last days and hours in anticipation of that coming event.

    Ill. The same is true concerning the return of Jesus for His people. The Bible is clear when it tells us that it will happen, but it is also clear when it tells us that we do not know when it will happen, "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.", Matt. 24:36.

    Therefore, we must be certain that we are ready for His coming at all times! If you aren't ready, the time to do so is now! Remember these sobering words from the mouth of the Lord Jesus, "Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.", Matt. 24:44.

    Ill. So, the question remains: Are you ready for the coming of the Lord. Just like the whirlwind came for Elijah, Jesus is coming for you and me.

I. It Was A Time For Watching


V.1-6 Walking With Purpose - As Elijah anticipated his departure from this world, he continued to live as he always had. He continued to walk in humble obedience before the Lord God! Notice his statement, "The LORD hath sent me...", v. 2, 4, 6. If Elijah had been like many in our day, he would have spent his last days on the earth in retirement from service.

He would have spent his time doing all the things he hadn't had time to do while he was active serving the Lord. However, Elijah knew a truth that many people never learn: There is no higher call than that of following the Lord and doing what He bids you to do!

Concl: I know that I am speaking to some who have sat down on God. Friend, it's time to get up and get back in the battle, Rom. 13:11-14. Some aren't even walking with the Lord at all today. You've never even had that Gilgal experience. You aren't looking for the Lord to return, and if He did, you would be in sad shape. It's time for you to come to Jesus and be saved.

Others of you are in the thick of the fight today. You are tempted to quit and stop walking with the Lord. Friend, it's time to renew your commitment to the Lord. Today is a day when great victories can be won by those willing to walk with the Lord. If there is a need in your life, will you come to Jesus today so that need can be met?

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