by Rev. Howard Rosen, Jr.
(Dillwyn, VA)

Pleasant Grove Baptist

1 Kings 2-11 – The life of Solomon is one we all know to some degree. Most of all he is know for his great wisdom, but as we look at his walk we begin to see some steps downward as he walked far from the ways that he started.

As we see these steps we must take notice of the fact that even though this man was wise, when he fails to put into action this wisdom in his own life he is destroyed. A lesson for you and I today my friends if we don’t act on what we know we have no power and no help and as you can see in the world around us that wisdom that is not used is only wisdom wasted.

We can clearly see that our knowledge has increased. Technology has gone far beyond the expectations of many, but yet our families and country suffer from destruction in all areas and are seemingly helpless to do anything. But this is not God’s plan. He wants us to learn from the examples He has given us so let’s take a look at the walk of King Solomon.

I. Walk In His Ways – 1 Kings 2:1-4

1. David charged Solomon to walk in the ways of the Lord, and to keep His statutes and His commandments, and to walk in a true heart with all his soul as a man of God should.

2. But in chapter three we find that he begins to make a few mistakes, he takes a wife from Egypt. Oh, we see he loved the Lord and walked in his statutes . . . except he sacrificed and burnt incenses in high places. Don’t we do the same? I love you Lord, but I’m going to do this any way it is just a little thing.

II. Walked In Wisdom – 1Kings 3:5-6

1. The Lord appeared to Solomon and said, ask what I shall give thee.

2. Solomon said you gave David mercy as he walked in truth and righteousness of the heart and showed him kindness.

3. Then he says something that we all must see . . .I am but a little child: I know not how to go out or come in. Oh, how we need to come to God this way.

4. And God said I have done according to thy words. V12 I have given thee a wise and understanding heart; so that there was none like the before or ever. If thou wilt walk in my ways and to keep my statutes and my commandments as thy father David . . . I will lengthen thy days!! Don’t miss the IF!!

5. And the Lord gave Solomon the wisdom to write three thousand proverbs and write a thousand and five songs.

1 Kings 4:32-34

III. Walked In The Work of the Lord – 1 Kings 5-11-14

1. Solomon worked for the Lord, it took him over seven years to build the temple and God was pleased.

2. The Lord said that He would dwell among the people and would not forsake them. If thou wilt walk in my statutes and Solomon finished the work.

3. And the Lord gave him the strength and resources to build his own home in chapter seven and it took thirteen years to build. And we see that Solomon’s wisdom was seen I all the work he did.

IV. Walked In Worship – 1 Kings 8:22-23;54-58

1. Solomon went to the alter and worshiped. He was not ashamed to raise his hand and bend his knees to the Lord.

2. He said Lord God of Israel there is no God like thee to those that walk before thee with all their heart, and he would not forsake them.

V. Walked In Faith – 1 Kings 9:1-4

1. Again the Lord appeared to Solomon, but it had been after thirteen years. But he still served the Lord by faith he did all the work on the temple and the house without actually seeing God, but just because he trusted in Him. And the Lord blessed him in V3. We are to walk by faith not sight of feelings.

2. And the Lord charges Solomon again to walk in His ways. As David walked, in integrity of heart and in uprightness and do all according to all that I have commanded thee V4.

VI. Walked as A Witness – 1 Kings 10:1-9

1. We see that the queen of Sheba was very impressed with Solomon and how God had blessed him.

2. And she blessed the Lord in V9 for all He had done for Solomon.

VII. Walked In Wealth and the World – 1Kings 10:14-29

1. We see now the steps going downward as Solomon focuses on his wealth, and begins to build something else other than for God kingdom, he start to focus on entertainment and pleasing his wives and building and name for himself.

2. Notice we stop seeing the words walked in His ways?

VIII. Walked In Wickedness – 1Kings 11:1&4

1. He turned his heart toward other gods and his heart was not perfect with the Lord His God. V4

2. He did evil in the sight of the Lord.V6

IX. Walked In Wrath – 1 Kings 11:9

1. And the Lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart was turned from the Lord God of Israel.

2. And God gave Solomon’s kingdom to someone else V11-14

3. Now do we see where we have walked today? Thinking we are wise we walk as fools giving all that God has given us to someone else. God help us.

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