When Jesus Did the Impossible: Part 3 of 3

by John Lowe
(Woodruff, S.C.)

Can Jesus do the impossible today? Is our God able today? Do we have any rivers that are "uncrossable"? Do we have any mountains that are unclimable? Do we have any walls that are unbreachable?Do we have any walls that are unbuildable? Do we have any fiery furnaces whose flames are unquenchable ? Do we face any lions whose mouths are unstoppable? Do we have any problems that seem unsolvable? Do we have any foes that are unconquerable? Do we have any friends who seem unreachable? Do we have any hurts that seem unbearable? Surely the great God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can come to our aid today, if only we believe Him.

During the Civil War in America, a Christian mother in the Deep South faced a real dilemma. The war had gone on for years. Her husband had been lost in battle, one older son was a prisoner of war and the other was a mere teenager fighting in Lee’s army. She had four small children at home. Her eleven year old son was the oldest. Their meager supply of food had been exhausted weeks before. They were merely surviving on a few small turnips and roasted acorns. Starvation was already showing in the gaunt faces of the children. But they still had one smooth bore musket, a small amount of powder and a few mini-balls. Day after day her young son had shouldered the ancient weapon and trudged his weary way through the snows in the surrounding fields and woods; hoping to find some game to bring home to his hungry mother and

sisters. But scavengers of war had long ago searched the countryside for every moving animal that might provide a meal or morsel. Each night the mother would read to her little brood from the Bible and pray and, although it seemed impossible, ask God to give them some food. As she tucked each one into bed, she would reassure them of her faith in God to provide them the food they needed. But as day followed hungry day, it seemed they would surely starve. Then one evening after she had kissed her smallest child good night, she went to the kiLtchen and quietly opened the door to look out upon the beauty of a full moon. There standing like a statue in the corner of the garden stood the largest and most beautiful buck deer she had ever seen. Her hands began to tremble as she gently and quietly awoke her son. Leading him to the open door, she silently pointed to the beautiful sight and handed him the loaded musket. With deadly aim, he brought down the deer God had provided. That evening and every evening that followed, the little family praised God for doing the impossible.

Many of their descendants, who were given this true story as their heritage, have also praised God down through the years for doing the impossible in their lives as well. Join me in placing the impossible in His hands. Tell me, is anything a “big deal” to God. I don’t think so. He created all things by speaking them into existence, and nothing is impossible for our miracle working God.

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