by Rev. Howard Rosen, Jr
(Dillwyn VA)

Pleasant Grove Baptist

John 4:46-54
We live in the day when the faith of man is far from what it should be, and our nation is strongly affected by this lack of faith.
This is not the only time man’s faith has been weak and a nation has been weakened by the loss of faith in God.

In the book of Judges we find a story of Barak, he was called by God to lead the army into battle against the captain of Jabin’s army, and was given the promise of victory in the battle the Lord said I will deliver him into thine hand.

But the story tells us that he would not go unless Deborah went with him.
Why? Because he had no faith in the promise of God! He was a sissy and could not stand for God on his own; such is the case with the men in our country today.

We find in most homes the faith of men is weak, and the women are the ones that carry the burden of teaching the things of God, and praying for the children, and this is why I ask the question, Where Is Your Faith Man?

Let’s look and learn from the example of a mans faith given to us in the story John has written and we will see and be able to search our hearts and answer the question…


Where is Your Faith Man? On the job – When they see you are in trouble.

1. His name was not given, but we see his title. He was a ruler in the court of King Herod.
2. It shows that the Word of God attracts men from all ranks, from the highest to the lowest.
3. He must have told them about his son, and what he was planning to do.
4. No doubt they knew this father had done all he could to see his son well, and to give him the best he had The best doctors, the best medicine, and the best care that was available to a man of his position in their day.
5. It was no surprise to them that this man was about to leave his job for a while to take a 20 mile walk to find help for his son. A father will go to any amount of trouble to find help for a son that is near death. My friends we have many children today that are near death, not necessarily physical, but near the point of being destroyed by the power of sin. We need to seek Jesus that they may be healed.

Where is Your Faith Man? In Bad Times – When you need help.

1. He had

heard about Jesus and how he was coming his way.
2. He had found no hope in all the other things he had tried. Nothing worked.
3. He had faith in what he had heard about the Son of God.
4. He had faith that if Jesus would come to his house his son would be healed.
5. He had faith that if he just got his son in the presence of Jesus there was help.
6. Friends nothing will drive a father to his knees to seek Jesus like a child in need.

Where is Your Faith Man? In the Word of God – When we are given instruction.

1. Jesus told him to go his way: thy son liveth.
2. He asked no more questions, he left believing the Words Jesus said.
3. We are given direct instructions from the Word of God, we need to trust.
4. Notice – That Jesus only spoke three words, “Thy Son Liveth”and miles away the boy was healed!
5. We must trust in the almighty power of the Word of God, and obey the Words He has given us, for without faith it is imposable to please God.
6. You see Jesus did this because He was pleased with this man’s faith!

Where is Your Faith Man? In Assurance of God – When faith is proven.

1. The nobleman headed home, he was not worried, he was sure his son was healed.
2. He asked them what time this happened to show that Jesus healed him instantly.
3. Notice – He was told yesterday, which tells us that the man was at peace with the assurance of God’s Word and healing power, that he stayed in Cana, and got a good nights rest before coming home. What peace faith can give us!
4. We must learn to trust God in all things and when we give Him something to do be sure He is faithful to carry it out to the fullest, and to our best interest.

Where is Your Faith Man? In your family – When faith needs to be strong.

1. His faith was seen by the whole family and they were saved.
2. They knew he had started with faith enough to seek Jesus for help.
3. They also saw that by exercising the faith he already had it made his faith stronger.
4. Nothing can show people the power and saving grace of Jesus Christ more than our actions before them.
5. If you want to see God work in your family. Be strong and trust Him.
6. Because just like this man our faith will grow when we use it.
We need men to trust in God once again in this nation!
So, Where is Your Faith Man?

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