by Charles Robey
(Trussville AL)

Lately, I have been very interested in the various history type programs that have been appearing on reality television, regarding the human history side of "so-called" religion. Of course, as you probably surmise, I am using this "religion" phrase rather skeptically. And l can't help but wonder what has sparked this assumed interest in things of "the kingdom". Oh, maybe it's just the times we are now living in. ( 2 Timothy 3:1-17).

I have especially been very interested in the various "talk show" conversations, the internet articles and other social media comments, which attempt to place Jesus in the same category as all the other secular populist. Seems like nothing else matters, in today's culture. And this mind-set seems to get the most prime time press.

The most frequent ask questions seem to be, " How would Jesus vote", or " What would Jesus do (WWJD), in any given situation.

The temporal news, often times, tries to paint Jesus in a corner or put Jesus in an earthy mode, with respect to the same situations or decisions we Christians face daily. However, this materialistic worldly approach indeed fails to realize or respect the deity of God's Holy Trinity ( Father, Son and Holy Spirit). And the part each person of the Godhead has played in our everyday life, from the very beginning of time. ( Genesis 1:26-27 )

I realize sometimes it's rather difficult for our human frailty to understand God's eternal will or purpose for our lives. ( Jeremiah 29:11 ) We seem to want to put off the most important questions of our life, with respect to how we measure up spiritually. We tend to skip such important decisions rather than thank God for directing us through a particular circumstance. You see, our Heavenly Father cares for each of us.

We must stop our news media anxieties and rely solely on His celestial direction. ( Matthew 7:7-8 ) ( Matthew 6:25-28 ) This spiritual insight, of which, is total unknown to the news media way of thinking. What the secular humanistic news media fails to realize is that we, who claim the name of Christ, are just passing through this world on the way to our eternal abode. ( Philippians 3:20 )

So, why the sudden onset of devotion in measuring the spiritual approach to that of the humanistic psychological perspective. Simply put, the various news outlets have a stronger interest in their concern for human welfare, values and social dignity, over the things of God's kingdom. It's just a matter of prophecy. I firmly believe that Satan is alive, well and working overtime, in these last days, to influence his evil ways. (Revelation 20:3 ) ( Ephesians 6:12 ) ( 2 Cor 11:3 ) ( 2 Timothy 2:26 ) ( 1 Peter 5:8 )

This Satanic approach ( 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 7,9,13-14 ) is why we see so much press attempting to belittle the things of God into a human approach. Too much human psychoanalysis and behaviorism stressing the importance of a fake humanistic choice or responsibility. Thus, God, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is left out of the equation .

Nonetheless, more than ever before, we Christians must not only stand for our God given scripture convictions but encourage others to do the same. ( John 17:18 ) (Acts 26:17-18 ) ( Acts 1:8 ) In other words, we Christians here on earth are God's only tools, in spreading the gospel. ( Isaiah 6:8 )

"WHAT WOULD JESUS DO", in today's society. Basically, the same as He did then. You see the religious demographic structure was against Him. Those being the Pharisees, the most know of the religious leaders. ( Luke 5:21 ) (Matthew 9:34 ) ( Matthew 12:2 ). The Scribes, who studied and expounded the law. ( John 5:10 ) ( Mark 7:7-13 ) ( Mark 2:6 ) ( Luke 5:30, 15:2 )

The Sadducees, who were a political party favorable to Rome. ( Mark 12:18 ) Luke 20:7 ) (Acts 4:12, 23:8) And the Herodians, Jews who supported the Herodian dynasty. ( Matthew 22:15-22 ) (Mark 12:13-17 )

However, most of the criticism of Jesus was directed against the Pharisees. ( Matthew 16:6,11) Humanly speaking, if anybody needed the message of God’s salvation, it would have been the Sadducees. Sadducees were the modern-day rationalists who did not see any need of God or the supernatural.

The way He came into this life was against him. Every year, around Christmas time, we hear a lot about the fact that Jesus was "born in a manger." There are even songs about it! But why a manager, and not a "palace royal" ? ( Luke 2:8-17) It would have been fitting for Christ to come into the Holy of Holies in the Temple. However, He came into this world in a stinking stable, for us:

With hindsight we can clearly see that the manner of Jesus’ birth foreshadowed the purpose for Jesus coming into the world: ( John 1:29) (1 Peter 1:18-20) Before Jesus had taken his first breath, ( Daniel 7:13) God had decided that his life was to be given as a sacrifice to pay the penalty for our inbred sin. ( Genesis 3:1-6, 15 ) God testified to his intent by having Jesus be born in the manner and location of the sacrificial lambs of the temple just as the prophet Micah proclaimed. ( Micah 5:2 )

Christ found no room in the Holy of Holies that shone with gold, precious stones, pure silk and silver. He is not born in the midst of gold and riches, but in the midst of dung, in a stable where our sins were filthier than the dung. (Psalms 113:7).

How He taught was against Him. ( Matthew 5:17). Jesus made it clear that He didn't intend to abolish the Jewish Law, such as the Ten Commandments, the marriage law, the inheritance property rights, diet, and similar laws. However, often times, He did re-interpret these laws, or add to them ( Luke 4:28-30 ) This, in its self, really set off the religious leaders of that day. They failed to see , by way of their jealous egos, all the good Jesus accomplished. ( John 21:25)

And the way He died was against Him. Jesus was born to die. ( Matthew 20:28 ) To died for the sins of all mankind. It was the way He died that may have been held in question, dying as a common thief. He came to give his life, to die, and his death would result in salvation for others. This was the reason he came to earth. His blood was poured out for others (Matthew 26:28). ( Matthew 16:21-22 )

Jesus warned his disciples that he would suffer and die, but they did not seem to believe it. Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, chief priests and teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life. Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. ‘Never, Lord!’ he said. ‘This shall never happen to you!’” (Matthew 16:21-22).

You see, Jesus knew that he must die, because the Scriptures said so. (Mark 9:12; 9:31; 10:33-34). “Beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself. However, praise be to the Father, He concurred death for us all. (Luke 24:26-27, 46).

During His three years of public ministry, He showed His deity by healing the sick, raising the dead, saving mankind from an eternal destruction, fostering His disciples, fulfilled the will of the Father on the cruel cross. Then ascended into "Glory" to make way for us all. ( John 14:1-6)

You see, the secular unbelieving news media just cannot, and will never, understand the things of God. ( 1 Cor 1:18 ) That's why it's up to us "born again" believers to spread the good news of the gospel, whenever we can and wherever we can. ( Matthew 28:19-20 ) ( Romans 10:14) ( Romans 1:16) ( John 12:32 )

And the internet, man's modern day "pony express", is a very good medium of rebuffing this " so-called" social gospel. Each time you receive one of these socialistic incoherent messages, just simply respond with a nice related Bible verse.

Good luck and God Bless

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